Queen Elizabeth corona speech leaked

The speech that the British Queen Elizabeth gives on television on Sunday about the coronavirus partly ended up on the street on Saturday evening. According to British media, the Queen hopes that the corona crisis shows that the current generation of Britons is just as strong as previous generations.

The 93-year-old Queen recorded a video message at Windsor Castle to encourage the people. ‘I speak to you in a challenging period. A period of disruption of our life, a disturbance that has brought some grief, other financial difficulties, and changed our daily lives,’ says the Queen. Elizabeth also expresses her admiration for the health workers and other workers who keep the country running.

The Queen says she is proud of how Britain has responded to the crisis. ‘I hope that in the coming years’ everyone will proudly look back on their reactions to this challenge. And that those who come after us say that this generation of British is just as strong as all other generations. That we see that self-discipline, quiet, and good determination and solidarity are of paramount importance in this country.’

Fourth television speech in 68 years

Aside from her annual Christmas message, the Queen has only made four speeches on television during the 68 years she has been on the throne. This happened during the Gulf War in 1991, the death of Princess Diana (1997), the death of Elizabeth’s mother (2002), and her diamond jubilee in 2012.

The room from which the Queen gives her speech is also exceptional. The White Drawing Room was chosen because it is the only space at Windsor Castle where Elizabeth and the cameraman can keep enough distance. The cameraman, equipped with a mask, among other things, was the only one who shared the room with the Queen. Other technicians were in another place because of the strict corona measures.

Prince Charles

Elizabeth is said to be in good health at this time. Recently, her son, Prince Charles, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson were diagnosed with coronavirus. Buckingham Palace does not want to let you know whether Elizabeth has also been tested for the lung virus.

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