Realist vs Pessimist: things that separate a realist from a pessimist

Realists are often called pessimists, especially when discussing negative situations. But this is not the same thing at all. While pessimists tend to believe in the worst outcome, realists look at a situation from both the bad and the good sides to form an objective opinion. This article discusses the differences between a realist and a pessimist.

6 things that separate a realist from a pessimist

1. He recognizes that no one is perfect

Pessimists look for faults in people because negativity is a habit of their thinking. And if a person is wrong or has been wrong, they may take a kind of pleasure because their expectations have been matched by reality.

Realists recognize that there are both good and bad traits in every person. No one can be perfect. And making mistakes is quite normal. They don’t face the frustration that someone didn’t meet their expectations or the joy of uncovering the flaws of those around them.

2. He is more objective

If a pessimist is told that the city’s ecology level has decreased by 15%, he will take it as a reason to sink into sadness and reflection.

A realist is more likely to be interested in how this opinion came about and what research it was based on. He will not be disappointed or happy about something until he knows the truth of the information he heard.

The same goes for the filters through which people with different beliefs view the world. While optimists perceive reality through rose-coloured glasses and pessimists through a lens of negativity, realists are more likely to see the world as it is.

3. He acknowledges his weaknesses

Because realists don’t divide the world into black and white, they find it easier to admit their weaknesses and shortcomings. It is simply a fact that they accept. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get better. It’s just that the negative qualities and habits they haven’t gotten rid of don’t affect their self-esteem or attitude.

Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to take everything personally, including their weaknesses and shortcomings. They perceive them as another reason for a negative view of themselves and the world around them.

4. He does not assume the worst

Pessimists tend to take a negative view of life, including the future. And when thinking about what might happen, they will assume the worst outcomes of the situation


For example, a friend does not answer the phone. A pessimist will assume that perhaps she no longer wants to communicate with him; she lost her phone or even found herself in a dangerous situation.

A man with a realistic mindset will not make assumptions based on emotion and bias. He will call his girlfriend again and try to contact her on social networks. At the very least, he will leave her a message on the answering machine with a request to call her back. Or will ask mutual friends what could have happened.

As long as the realist does not find significant reasons to worry, he will not make hasty conclusions and assume that something bad necessarily happened. After all, the girlfriend could just forget the phone or mute it.

5. He knows that it’s okay to disagree with someone

It’s natural for a realist to think that people have different points of view.

On the other hand, a pessimist may see disagreement with his opinion as a way of humiliating him or showing that he is wrong about something. Other people’s opinions and views become a cause for resentment and frustration. In some cases, pessimists may possess rigidity – a belief exclusively in their rightness.

6. He knows that any problem can be solved

A pessimist is ready to give up when faced with difficulties. Especially if they have confirmed his fears or last for a long time, he does not look for a way out or hope but rather makes assumptions that could make his situation even worse.

The realist has a more rational approach to problems and their perception. He bases his beliefs on someone else’s experience of overcoming similar difficulties. The realist will not give up and think about what else bad things might happen. His time will be devoted to finding solutions to problems.

Moreover, pessimists are unlikely to seek a creative approach to resolving difficult situations. And realists will consider all, sometimes even absurd, ways to overcome difficulties to make the right decision.

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