Sabby Angel ended 5 days marriage to be with her lover Hassan

Popular Tanzanian actress and model Sabby Angel enjoys blowing hot and cold. She’s not afraid of controversy, nor does she shy away from pushing the boundaries of showbiz, every time she wants to make a statement. And her fans love her that way: sensational and sexy, so to speak.

The actress, who has dated Ali Kiba in the past, had already offered to be the surrogate mother of Wema Sepetu when it was said that the womb of the former beauty queen, could not bear a baby. She made diva requests after arriving at a 4-star hotel in Mombasa, where she demanded a room with white walls and curtains and white velvet sheets, a scene she reproduced while on tour in Nairobi. And the worst was yet to come.

Sabby Angel ended 5 days marriage to be with her lover Hassan
Sabby Angel

Having been married five times, four years ago, she said she finally found the love of her life, a man she married, but broke up five days later. Now the actress, who is also a singer, confirms rumors that her heart has fallen under the spell of her sweet love, in Mtwapa where she is returning, next week, to unite.

‘I love the Kenyan coast and can’t wait to go back. I have a special friend who lives there, and the whole world knows that. He’s a man I can’t resist. I have already introduced him to my mother, who was visiting Mombasa to meet him. Who knows, maybe this time we’ll take that friendship to the next level,’ Sabby said.

Rumor has it that the man who capsizes the heart of the lovely and famous Tanzanian actress, Sabby Angel, is named Hassan Faisal, otherwise known as “Mr. President”.

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