Soccer players find box from space with hamburger on the field

Football players from the British club Colchester United, northeast of London, looked up yesterday when they found a box with a hamburger on their field. Nobody knew what the intention was or where he came from. And nobody could have guessed it.

“It didn’t have a ticket, so we didn’t really know what to do with it,” the club tweeted after they found it. “Honestly, what do you do with a frozen hamburger?”


Not much later the phone rang and the owner stepped onto the field: YouTuber Tom Stanniland. He turned out to have given his 2.7 million followers a demonstration of what happens when you send a hamburger with a weather balloon into space.

“He went up 39 kilometers, but then the balloon exploded,” he says in a video. “He landed 100 kilometers away in the middle of the Colchester United football field. There was a tracker in it, but the connection was broken when he went higher and higher.”

When the soccer field keeper found the box yesterday morning, he shook it. As a result, the tracker jumped up again. And Stanniland could follow the signal again.

Soccer players find box from space with hamburger on the field

Eventually, space did not reach the citizen – It is generally assumed that it starts around 100 kilometers – but it was good for impressive images.

And what everyone wanted to know: was the hamburger still edible? Stanniland tested it, but it proved unsuccessful. “Not tasty. He is super dry.”

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