Stalker beats to stupor for harassing a lady walking alone [Video]

A stalker was beaten to stupor by some angry neighborhood for harassing a lady. The young man felt that his victim was alone and thinks he has seen an opportunity to abuse her.

In several places, the case of abuse against women keeps increasing. Yet, security operatives are trying their best, together with feminists and human right activists to alleviate abuse against women.

In Ecatepec, the State of Mexico the local residents beat an alleged harasser for harassing a lady walking alone in the street. The video was uploaded on Twitter, which showed a young man lying on the floor and surrounded by angry people who rant against him because he allegedly harassed a woman.

Stalker beats to stupor for harassing a lady walking alone [Video]

The stalker did not say a word to defend himself. He had wounds on his face and bleeding from his nose. In the recording, you can hear a woman who verbally attacked him: “Why do you harass me, huh? Pin and ojete, because you saw me alone you said ‘ya chingue’ … you fuck for abuse, for attempted abuse. I hate the sick.”

While the assaulted woman said the above words, a man kicked the stalker. The neighborhood that lynched on the young man, whose identity was not revealed at that time, called the police to be punished according to the law. Before the police apprehended the stalker, one of those presents did not stop attacking the lad and heard a woman saying the following: “So you can learn to respect women.”

Given the situation, social network users were outraged by the crime committed by the young man; however, there were those who did not agree to be beaten before turning him over to the police.

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