“Stay in school” – Minister tells youngest rapper, Fresh Kid

Ugandan minister urged the country’s youngest rapper, Fresh Kid, to focus on school rather than music. The advice from the minister sparked mixed reactions in Uganda on the social network.

The Honorable Nakiwala advises Fresh Kid to stop playing and stay in school. She estimates that the child of about seven years old does not go to school because he is still busy with music while other children his age are busy studying at school.

“Minister Nakiwala advised Fresh Kid to stop playing and stay in school,” said the local daily news.

Fresh Kid is the foal of Texas Entertainment and his hit “Banteka” has revealed his talent to the Ugandan and East African audiences.

Although his producers consistently state that the young artist is only a grade three student, the Honorable Nakiwala warns that it should not be used by adults to make money.

"Stay in school" - Minister tells youngest rapper, Fresh Kid

“Fresh Kid has been exposed to the night clubs and so many dirty things that a seven-year-old should not be exposed to – this kind of environment inevitably affects their academic performance,” said Maureen Muwonge, director of child protection.


Ugandans reacted to this statement of the senior government official on social networks. Some Internet users believe that the school is not necessarily the only way of success compared to unemployed graduates who swarm in the country.

“Success is what you do with your ability, that’s the way you use your talent.” In Nigeria, they are busy supporting the young actress Emanuella, While Honorable Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi is busy shooting Fresh Kid. “fend for peace, he has dreams, if you can not support him, stay A silent,” the Ugandan insists on Twitter.

Iin this “Fresh Kid” situation i hope the minister is aware that education hasnt n has never been proved as the basic foundation of a successful life after today,” said another Twitter user.

The Minister of State for Youth and Children, Florence Nakiwala Kiyinji, in a video broadcast by the private channel NBS Television, was concerned that the seven-year-old, whose real name is Patrick Ssenyonjo, tends to play when he should study.

She warned her producers and agents that the child should not be exploited for profit.

"Stay in school" - Minister tells youngest rapper, Fresh Kid

“In the Ugandan constitution, there are laws that govern the lives of every child in the nation, and it prohibits child labor for any child between the ages of zero and 18,” said Kiyinji.

The comments of the Honorable Nakiwala sparked mixed reactions on Twitter.

"Stay in school" - Minister tells youngest rapper, Fresh Kid

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