Sveta films how she jumps but drama is happening behind her

A Russian influencer gets the wind in her head after she has posted a video showing how her 3-year-old son jumps from a bunk bed behind her back and lands in a nasty way. The incident happened while Sveta Ananas – who has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram – filmed herself while diving into the arms of her husband Andrei Bonor.

Sveta Ananas shared the video on Instagram 6 days ago and explained that her husband made a million views with it on the well-known TikTok app. She immediately admitted that they received a lot of criticism. And that can also be seen in the comments.


“You are lucky that your little one did not break his neck. You are apparently more interested in the likes and views you get on TikTok than in what your child is doing behind you,” it sounds, among other things. Others tell how the breath caught in their throats when they saw the images. “This is not cool and not funny”, someone responds.

The woman herself thinks the reactions are greatly exaggerated. “Our parents did not have smartphones. I still remember well as a child that I dived from a cupboard on the bed and how I injured my face when I jumped from a chair to a table,” it sounds.

She is joined in by a few other Instagrammers. For example, a woman says that she did that as a child: “I broke my arm, but it taught me that I had to approach it differently if I wanted to climb a cupboard again.”


Remarkable: it is not clear whether the woman actually did not know that her son would jump from the bunk bed. At the beginning of the video, you can see how she looks at him a few times, before diving into her husband’s arms. In the meantime, Sveta Ananas assured everyone that her son came out of his adventure unscathed.

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