The 5 biggest irritations among friends

We love our friends and can’t do fun things with them often enough. But certain things annoy us all about our mates. Can you find yourself in this?

What are the biggest irritations among friends?

You spend so much time with your friends that they end up feeling like family to you. You also sometimes argue with your family, brothers, and sisters, or you regularly have things that irritate you. You also have your irritations among friends. Check out the most common frustrations below:

Stingy friends

Almost everyone has such a friend among them, the stingy friend. If you are going to have a drink on the terrace one evening, you would think that you would divide the bill by the number of people. That one beer that someone has had more or less doesn’t matter much, but it does for the stingy friend.

He knows exactly that he has had one less beer. He is also exactly that one guy who tries to put off getting a round as long as possible. And if he ever pays for you, you can count on receiving a way he will take it back that might be worth 5 dollars. Admit it; we all know this annoying guy.

Always late

Meeting up with friends is a thing in itself, but meeting on time is the ultimate. You meet at 9:00 PM, but there are always those friends who are always late. Then it is not a matter of a few minutes, but if you call them at 21:15 where they are, they are still in bed, and they still have to take a shower.

It’s not that bad when you’re waiting at home, but it does get pretty annoying when you’re alone on the terrace waiting for him to appear finally.

Never able to meet

With a large part of your friends, you are drinking a beer every weekend, but there are also those who never – never really – can. Then it’s not about that this friend has to work, because nobody has a problem with that.

That is not irritation, but an obligation and ambition of that person. But if the boyfriend can never meet because he is constantly with his girlfriend, he finds her more important than his friends. Saturdays are for the men.

Friends who don’t bother for the friendship

If you always have to ask certain friends to meet up while they never make any effort, that’s a big irritation.

Friendship has to come from both sides, and you both have to take action to maintain your bond. Perhaps the biggest irritations to friends.

A friend who thinks his will is law

Consulting with friends is sometimes difficult; for example, you have to decide where to eat. Everyone gives their opinion, but later, you come to a compromise that everyone is kind of happy with.

Except with that one friend, who won’t come along if he doesn’t get what he wants. Exhausting? Of course.

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