The image of “a shooting star” appears in the sky in France

On the evening of 13th December, some French people observed a rather peculiar luminous phenomenon in the sky. A person in charge of the Fripon project, which pilots a network of cameras in France, explained that it was a shooting star that was going at a speed of 93,600 km/h.

An unusual luminous phenomenon was observed in the sky on the evening of 13th December by many inhabitants of Nord-Isère, reports Le Dauphiné libéré. “At first, I thought it was a burning plane, and I thought I was hallucinating,” a witness to the event told the daily newspaper from Le Bouchage, near Morestel.

“A shooting star”

In addition, many reports of this phenomenon have been disseminated on social networks. As stated in the media, it has been observed in L’Isle-d’Abeau, Crémieu, and Les Éparres.

“We saw a strange luminous phenomenon in the sky: a green ball with a yellow halo and a yellow trail. We assumed it was a meteorite,” other observers told the daily newspaper.

A specialist explains

François Colas, head of the Fripon project, which is piloting a network of cameras throughout France that are continuously focused on the sky, confirmed this with the Dauphiné:

“It was a shooting star about ten centimeters high that crossed Troyes’ city, in the Aube, and was observed almost everywhere in the country. Before disintegrating in the sky, it was going at a speed of 93,600 km/h and was as bright as the Moon!”

Recall that for the first time since 1226, Jupiter and Saturn will come close enough together to appear as a double planet, say astronomers from Rice University. The phenomenon will be visible to the naked eye in the twilight of 21st December 2020.

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