These are the three best tablets of the moment

Tablets are sold on the assembly line much less often than smartphones or laptops, because they last a long time in practice. If your tablet is currently in need of renewal, then you are right with the following three models.

Apple iPad 2018 (€333)

The iPad of 2018 is actually almost identical to the iPad of 2017, but there are two important differences. The iPad 2018 supports the Apple Pencil (the stylus pen) and has a newer, central chip. That more powerful ‘system on a chip’ (soc) is certainly welcome. For the rest, there was not much changed on the iPad, and that is a missed opportunity. For example, the screen is not laminated and the anti-reflective coating and the function to automatically adjust the colour temperature are missing. Some parts of the iPad also date from five years ago. Conclusion: you can call the iPad 2018 anything but innovative, but that is not too bad in itself, because this is still the most attractive tablet in its price range.

Microsoft Surface Go (€424)

The Surface Go has some notable advantages. The tablet is equipped with a well-calibrated screen with a high brightness and face recognition. The build quality is just as good as the much more expensive Microsoft hardware. That makes this entry-level model of 400 euros is really attractively priced. There are also lesser aspects. The Type Cover is not included; if you want to use the Go as a laptop, it is an extra necessary purchase. The hardware is especially suitable for media consumption, but with a bit of patience you can also run heavier software. The battery is good for seven hours of Internet browsing: not bad, but not spectacularly long.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

It’s simple: after more than a year on the market, the Galaxy Tab S3 is still the best Android tablet out there. And that thanks to the impressive OLED screen, which also ensures that the tablet lasts long when you watch videos. The Galaxy Tab S3 is also very well in hand, because it is light and thin, and feels luxurious, kudos to the used glass and metal. Other advantages are the four dynamic speakers and the advanced S Pen that you get for free. Furthermore, the tablet is smooth, has good software and it is convenient that it is expandable with a micro Sd card

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