These sensations in the mouth could portend a heart attack

While chest pressure is one of the most common symptoms of an impending heart attack, doctors warn of an acidic taste in the mouth and gum infection, which can also herald a heart attack, according to British doctors.

Several British doctors quoted by the Daily Express have listed the symptoms of an oncoming heart attack related to oral sensations.

For example, a warning sign can be an acidic taste in the mouth, a pain in the jaw which can resemble a severe and brutal dental pain, relayed by the media.

According to Professor Adam Taylor of Lancaster University, one way to prevent risks is to follow oral hygiene rules.

“The mouth is full of bacteria, good and bad. These can enter the bloodstream in the mouth and cause an inflammatory process in the blood vessels. And this can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease,” the specialist warned.

Gum infection

These sensations in the mouth could portend a heart attack

For decades, researchers have been studying the link between gum infections and cardiovascular health. Inflammation of the gums begins with the formation of bacteria-laden plaque that surrounds the teeth.

These bacteria can infect the gums and teeth, enter the bloodstream, and create a barrier known as atherosclerosis. It is the sign and basis for the development of cardiovascular disease.

Thoracic pressure

These sensations in the mouth could portend a heart attack

In addition, a heart attack is often marked by pain or pressure in the chest, the media concludes, which is the most common symptom.

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