This is how celebrities spend their 14-day quarantine in Australia

A lot of money doesn’t necessarily make you happier, but it does make your life easier at times. Just look at these celebrities who are eager to use their fortunes to spend their mandatory quarantine in luxury. Not your average hotel for them, but a luxury private alternative that can cost up to 500,000 dollars, including private police surveillance.

When the pandemic started, Australia’s borders closed, followed by a host of strict rules. The Federal Department of Health advises on its website that the only people allowed to enter Australia are citizens, residents, close relatives, or travelers who have been in New Zealand within the past fourteen days. Yet many celebrities have been allowed to enter Australia in recent months because of their job.

Although the fourteen-day quarantine also applies to them but they prefer to spend it in luxury than in an average hotel. Subject to approval from New South Wales Health, New South Wales Police, in conjunction with entertainment agencies, are facilitating alternative quarantine arrangements for them. They pay no less than half a million dollars for this.

Personal security guards

Ed Sheeran, Julia Roberts, and Zac Efron. These are few celebrities who applied to bypass their quarantine – while on a trip to Australia – in a hotel and spend their fortnight in luxury. They still need to undergo a fortnight of isolation but can choose their independent location.

They have to provide 24/7 police surveillance that costs up to 100,000 dollars alone. According to some estimates obtained by the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, the total cost of the alternative 14-day quarantine, including food and shelter, amounts to more than half a million dollars.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts (53) flew to Sydney on a private jet earlier this month with her husband, Daniel Moder (52), and their children, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus (16) and Henry (13). The family moved to a luxury private home north of Sydney to finish the quarantine. Roberts is filming two new films in Australia: the new political thriller ‘Gaslit’, together with the American actor Sean Penn (60) and the romantic comedy ‘Ticket to Paradise’ with George Clooney (59). For security, Roberts could count on the help of actress Nicole Kidman’s security team.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron (33) has also been in Australia for a year to record his Netflix documentary ‘Down To Earth’. A short while ago, the ‘High School Musical’ actor took a trip to Bali, after which he spent his quarantine in an Airbnb in Bellevue Hill in Sydney upon his return to Australia. He paid no less than 5,000 dollars per night for this. However, Zac is not alone in his recordings in Australia. He also lost his heart to the 25-year-old model Vanessa Valladares.

Ed Sheeran

Singer Ed Sheeran (30) spends his quarantine days in a resort by the Hawkesbury River. He is currently in Melbourne performing at the state funeral of Mushroom Group founder Michael Gudinski, an Australian music industry celebrity. He and Ed were good friends. Ed even describes him as a mentor and father figure. Gudinski died unexpectedly on March 1 at the age of 68.


Of course, the celebrities do not arrange their alternative quarantine themselves. They can count on various entertainment agencies to help them with this. Concierge Doctors and 3rd Rock Ent, among others, advertise ‘private and tailor-made quarantines’.

In collaboration with NSW, they screen the applications of customers who want to travel to Australia. Concierge Doctors founder Zac Turner believes that alternative quarantine benefits the public because it frees up places in the hotel quarantine system and creates direct employment like private security jobs. In addition, they help Australia and especially NSW to position itself as a hub for film production.


The exceptions to the strict corona measures in Australia have already caused a lot of criticism. Australians can only come home when the so-called ‘quarantine hotels’ have shelter again. As a result, thousands of Australians are still trapped abroad.

The criticism now has been that it is clear that quarantine capacity does not count if you have the right amount of money. Many celebrities and billionaires are circumventing the Australian hotel quarantine system with the power of their money. Although the rules also say that people are allowed to enter the country when it is for work, such as filming a movie.

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