This is how you answer ‘Why are you the best candidate for the job?’ without bragging

Many people find it uncomfortable to brag about themselves. Even during a job interview, where you have to sell yourself a bit. Recognizable? Then you probably don’t want a question like ‘Why are you the best candidate for the job?’ or ‘Why are you suitable for this position?’

How do you answer this question? Or, more importantly, how do you answer the question without feeling like you’re bragging and coming across as arrogant?

Why this question is asked in a job interview

As an employer or HR manager, the question ‘Why are you the best candidate for the job?’ during a job interview can be pretty confusing. Isn’t it their job to determine if you are the best candidate? After all, you have no idea what the job entails and who the other candidates are.

But actually, you don’t have to prove with your answer why you are better than the other candidates. In this way, the employer or HR manager tries to determine whether your expectations of the job correspond to reality.

When you have a strong answer to this question, employers know what value you will bring to the company. But not only that: it also indicates that you care enough about the position to think about this.

There is one last reason why this question is probably being asked. Interviewers are looking for a candidate who is confident in their own ability to perform. With your answer, you have to show that you can do the work and that you know you can do it.

Why are you suitable for this position? The answer

To give a strong answer, you first need to know exactly what the position entails and what the company is looking for. Before your interview, study the vacancy carefully, check out the company’s website and social media channels and try to gather as much information as possible.

Of course, it’s smart to get your answer in advance to prepare, but remember that this question is often asked at the end of the conversation. It would be best if you had learned a lot about the role during the job interview, and you could also include this information in your answer.

Do you find it difficult to stick feathers up your own a*s?

What if you find it difficult to ‘glorify’ yourself? You should indeed ignore your modesty when answering this question, but that does not mean that you should come across as arrogant.

It is quite possible to answer ‘Why are you suitable for this position?’ without boasting. You do this, for example, by reinforcing your arguments with examples, details, and figures. How can it be bragging when you come up with hard facts?

Moreover, stories stick much better than a list of good qualities. First, because they provide much more context. But in addition, your answer also becomes much more credible. An example: anyone can say they are detail-oriented. But not everyone can say that they spotted a mistake in time and thus saved their boss costs.

Another trick is to name what others think about you and what skills they always turn to you for. ‘My manager often compliments me on the fact that she can count on me; if she asks me something, she knows it will happen’ sounds much more objective than ‘I am very organized, pay attention to details and never miss a deadline.

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