“Toxic Lady”: death of Gloria Ramirez

It seems like the human body has been studied a lot, so doctors should know everything there is to know about it. But sometimes, her special skills are so strange that they make you think it must be a miracle. Gloria Ramirez, an American, had such a strange thing happen to her. And the reporters called her the “toxic lady” immediately. The smell of her blood likely made many of the people working in the hospital where she ended up passing out.

No one died, but most of them were sick for a long time. Experts think that this is because of the chemical DMSOand the fact that the lungs are being forced to breathe by machines. But no one has ever figured out the answer.

Gloria Ramirez and her phenomenon

People often hear about the idea of a “toxic person,” and some of them even met people like that. These people can really “poison” other people’s lives in just a few minutes. They are not only negative people who like to complain to everyone, but they also “spray” the poisons of hopelessness around them, making people want to run away to hell. There are, however, some exceptions. It turned out that there was a nice woman in America who was the exact opposite of the people described, but she was still called the “toxic lady.”

Gloria Ramirez was friendly and happy, so people were drawn to her. So, Gloria had a lot of friends and colleagues she knew. The woman was married and had two lovely children. Everything would have been fine if she hadn’t gotten sick when she was 31. Doctors gave Gloria a disappointing diagnosis – stage 4 cervical cancer. In this way, she got treatment, but her health worsened over time. If not for a strange thing that happened to Gloria Ramirez just before she died on February 19, 1994, the whole world might not have heard of her.

In the evening, Gloria became sharply ill. She was rushed to the hospital. Alarming symptoms included severe tachycardia and low blood pressure, and it was difficult for her to breathe. Even though she was conscious, the woman did not understand what was happening to her. And really, nothing intelligible could not answer the questions of experts. But it was impossible to delay. The patient needed to be rescued. She was connected to a ventilator and did everything necessary. However, after the necessary manipulations, the woman did not feel better.

It was strange that Gloria’s whole body looked oily. The body and breath smelled terrible, like garlic and fruit. The blood that was taken for testing smelled bad, like ammonia, and the syringe still had some strange crystallized substances in it. All of this made many people in the hospital faint, and 23 of them passed out.

How the smell of the blood of Ramirez caused many to faint

"Toxic Lady": death of Gloria Ramirez

Even though it sounds strange, the smell of Gloria Ramirez’s blood was what made people around her in the hospital faint and get sick in other ways. When the patient’s blood was taken for testing, it only took a few minutes for a wave of people to lose consciousness for no clear reason.

The first was a nurse. Dr Gorchynski first experienced severe convulsions and suffocative breathing before losing consciousness. The same fate befell other medical workers who ran to the intensive care unit. There were 23 victims. Most of them managed to recover from such a shake-up. But five had to undergo a long course of treatment and rehabilitation. In particular, the doctor Gorchynski was affected by the pancreas, liver, and knee joints.

Gloria’s luck ran out an hour after she arrived at the clinic. Her life could not be saved. Following this strange occurrence, an inquiry was launched to determine what was in the patient’s blood, which almost killed several people. And most significantly, why did Gloria’s blood smell like ammonia? Those who attempted to assist the mysterious patient-reported strange symptoms. They had a burning sensation on their face, difficulty breathing, a headache, and rising nausea. They all passed out after that.

Blame or regret

A situation like this could hardly go ignored. But, first and foremost, the hospital was held responsible for the presence of dangerous drugs in the department, not the dead patient. The atmosphere was tight. A special team in protective gear arrived on the spot. Because the terrible smell could not be identified, everything, including the deceased’s corpse, was seized for inspection. Gloria Ramirez was quickly labeled a “toxic lady” by the media.

Gloria Ramirez
Gloria Ramirez

However, all inquiries and analyses were unable to explain what occurred and who was to blame properly. Surprisingly, the smell of ammonia in Gloria’s blood only affected the female medical personnel at the hospital. Men did not lose consciousness and did not have any ammonia symptoms.

The US Department of Health’s leadership suggested that it was evidently widespread panic that spread in a chain reaction. Aside from the employees’ indignation, such a statement had little effect. Without understanding the underlying cause for all of this, the case was quickly closed even though the specialists presented diverse points of view. Gloria Ramirez’s remains were finally provided to her family for burial two months after she died.

Have you figured out what the problem is?

Indeed, the medical staff suffered because of the unpleasant smell of the patient’s blood. After all, Ramirez’s blood exuded such a pungent smell of ammonia that it was impossible to breathe. The study found residues of several drugs with an analgesic effect. The patient suffered from severe headaches. Therefore, she often took such drugs. But they could not lead to such a phenomenon. They also found trimethobenzamide, which effectively relieves nausea, which Ramirez suffered before going to the hospital. Once in the body, this substance is partially broken down into an ammonia compound.

Dimethyl sulfone was the strangest chemical identified in Gloria Ramirez’s blood. This sulphur compound may be found in the body naturally due to amino acids; however, its quantity cannot be excessive. The excess of all norms in the patient’s body was revealed to be multiple.

According to forensic analysts, this drug might have entered the woman’s body through the production of dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO. The reduction of muscular tension is one of its effects (pain). True, it was made illegal owing to severe adverse effects. DMSO, by the way, leaves an oily residue on the skin and smells like garlic. When this substance gets oxidized, it becomes very hazardous. It will then decompose into dimethyl sulfone, which may cause irreversible responses in the body and death. Gloria’s response was most likely triggered by a ventilator, which doctors had connected her to in intensive care.

There is one inconsistency here. The negative effects of DMSO intoxication begin after 2-3 hours. Why, therefore, did the medical personnel lose consciousness practically soon after breathing Gloria’s blood? There is yet to be a satisfactory explanation for what occurred. Gloria Ramirez remained a “toxic lady” whose mystery is unsolved.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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