Trump surprised by Biden’s running-mate choice: “awful” Harris

U.S. President Donald Trump has lashed out at his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the upcoming election for his choice of Kamala Harris as vice-presidential candidate. Trump let it be known that the choice took him by surprise. He called Harris “awful”.

Trump said on Tuesday that he thinks Harris is the “most awful” member of the U.S. Senate. To journalists, Trump said he wasn’t impressed with Harris when she competed for the Democratic Party presidential nomination earlier. “I was especially surprised because she did so badly,” Trump said about Biden choosing Harris as running mate.

Trump described Harris’s criticism of Biden in the Democratic primaries as “dismal, very dismal”. According to Trump, Harris was disrespectful towards Biden. “And it’s hard to choose someone who’s so disrespectful,” Trump said.

The president also referred to the Senate hearings of conservative Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was still a Supreme Court candidate at the time. Harris harassed Kavanaugh after stories of sexual misconduct came out during his student days. Harris was “the meanest, most horrible, most disrespectful of anyone in the Senate,” Trump said.

‘Attack ad’

On Twitter, the president posted a campaign spot that was fiercely referenced by Biden and Harris. In it, Harris is called “radical left”. “Slow Joe and false Kamala. Perfect together. Bad for America,” can be heard at the end of the so-called ‘attack ad’.

Mike Pence, the current Republican vice president and running mate of Trump, chose to congratulate Harris. “See you in Salt Lake City,” said Pence, who will be debating with Harris on October 7 in the state capital of Utah.

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