Viral Christmas gift that “the weather girl” gave her fans

Yanet García shared an image where she appears in red clothes and with a bow of the same color.

Television host Yanet García posted a photograph on her Instagram account for Christmas, where she wears red dainties and a red bow. The image is accompanied by two emojis, one is a Christmas tree and the other is a gift, which means that the young woman shared the image where she is the Christmas gift for all her fans.

The photo went viral in just a few hours because, so far, it accumulates more than 600 thousand “likes” and more than 9 thousand comments from her followers, which highlight their physical attributes and thanks for the gift, and other types of messages.

Fans reactions

The weather girl appears in the image showing her back, sitting in a bathtub and wearing a thong, accompanied by a large bow of the same color. The young girl raised the temperature with her daring publication and left her faithful followers breathless.

“What a gift, you are a goddess”, “Nalgame Dios (sic)”, “I want my gift”, “That you can not show your other face”, “I would give anything to open that gift”, “It makes me feel that it is the best angle of your whole personality”, were some of the comments that people posted, including some of them in English.

Minutes before, the host of the television program Hoy shared a photograph in which she appears seated next to a man dressed as Santa Claus with the message of “Merry Christmas”. She wears green pyjamas and is in the morning magazine studio.

The publication did not generate much interaction like the previous one, because it accumulated just a little more than 100 thousand “likes” and comments where people return the good wishes of a Merry Christmas.


“Merry Christmas, beautiful”, “Beautiful, baby”, “Let her go Santa because I’m so jealous”, “You look decent dressed, much better, nothing to do with Mayte Carranco, she is not vulgar like you”, “How Santa did not sit on your knees?”, Were some of the most outstanding comments.

This was the second series of photographs she shared on her social media account in the last five days for Christmas. On December 22, she published two images of a red thong, a Christmas sweater and a Santa Claus hat with the message “Christmas is coming”. In the other photo, you see a red leotard.

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