What do you want in life? How to understand what you want

If you are asked what you want from life, can you name your 5 main goals in 10 seconds? Most likely not, but do not despair because this is not scary and far from critical. Of course, it is necessary to have a goal and persevere towards it in life, but in reality, practically no one knows what they want.

You will hear such options: a strong family, a good car, a stable job, health – start digging deeper, ask about more global goals, and, most likely, you will hear: “I don’t know”. Ignorance will not harm, but do not expect any benefit from it, although the search for your life meaning is a noble and interesting business.

Whatever one may say, until you have decided on your life goals, there is a certain set of skills to be developed. Today we will tell you why you shouldn’t blame yourself for a share of uncertainty in your life and what you need to focus on for this life to turn into paradise.

Do not be afraid of uncertainty; it is all the beauty of life

Even a person who has planned his life for years ahead cannot know what tomorrow will bring him. A cow can kill him, a company can break, and a house burst into flames like an Olympic torch. Neither of us is immune from the vicissitudes of fate, so we take it for granted.

People often comment on others’ reading addictions, for example, “Why do you read so much if you still don’t remember the whole amount?” or “This book is so specific – it is unlikely to be useful in life.” But no, they are wrong. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, and today’s knowledge can help tomorrow most unexpectedly. Any of your experiences, seemingly casual acquaintances, job, and career offers can radically change your life. When this will happen and what will contribute to this, no one knows, this is the whole beauty of life.

Look for meaning in the direction of the journey, not the endpoint

We study at school, and after graduating from it, we continue our studies at the institute. The future profession determines the place of study, although you have no idea about it, only general guesses. If you enter the veterinary faculty, then you understand that you will be treating animals in the future, but it is not given which ones exactly. When you go to law, you are sure that you will receive a legal education, but you do not know whether you will go to work in law enforcement agencies or become a lawyer or a judge.

In these examples, knowledge about the future profession is the direction, but the endpoint is unknown to anyone. Even if your dad is a judge, you cannot be sure that tomorrow he will remain in his place: every day

, the economic situation changes, political forces are constantly fighting, but you can go in the chosen direction and rely on your strength.

Each of us needs to know the direction in which to move, and the endpoint, the goal will change more than once. The bar will grow as you achieve certain results, and the right path will allow you not to stop and continue the journey. But such thinking is found in a few; most go not for the sake of the journey itself but the sake of the endpoint.

But what if you can’t find your direction? This will automatically become the first goal – finding out where you want to go and what you are striving for. The initial goal is to decide what you want, but it is important to make sure that the chosen path is correct. There is nothing sadder than looking at a person who has lived his life, with bitterness looking into the past and regretting that he did not choose a different path.

Work on skills that will help you in the future

If you still have not decided on the direction of life, then you should not sit back. Work on those skills that will come in handy no matter how your life turns out:

  • Self-discipline

Learn not to be led by fleeting desires – take care of your body and forget about such a phrase as “I don’t want.”

  • Personal effectiveness

Find a way to improve your efficiency, work on concentration and mindfulness.

  • Communications

We all think that we have mastered communication skills perfectly, but you have no idea how much more you need to learn. Learn to communicate with people as effectively as possible and understand how you can interact with them in the best way.

  • Negotiation and diplomacy

All life consists of communication. Every day we talk with relatives, colleagues, friends – learn how to get the most out of this communication.

  • Belief

Learn to convince people, persuade them to your point of view and find out how you can get what you want by influencing others.

  • Physical strength and endurance

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be a strong person. Strength and endurance will come in handy in any area of life, in any profession, and in any situation.

Develop flexibility

Your body should be not only strong but also mobile. Stretch, run, and general function to stay strong, flexible, and healthy.

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