Who is Eudoxie Yao? African Kim Kardashian with 60 inches hip

Nicknamed the African Kim Kardashian, Eudoxie Yao, Ivorian celebrity, is famous for her hip measurement, which is 60 inches. Who is Yao, the self-acclaimed biggest hip in Africa?

Eudoxie Yao is one of the biggest stars of social networks not only in Côte d’Ivoire but beyond Africa. Originally from Abidjan, She is particularly famous for her roundness and out of the ordinary shapes. In fact, her hip measurement is 60 inches.

She claims to have the biggest curve in the world, and to compete with the American reality star, Kim Kardashian. With each of her publications, the whole canvas becomes hysterical. She alone has millions of Internet fans.

The Ivorian star is a beautician by profession, according to her Instagram posts. Although people think she has had cosmetic surgery, she assures her hip is 100% natural. She does not rule out posing naked one day, but only on one condition: to be paid several hundred million CFA francs.

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The most beautiful

The African Kim Kardashian prefers not to reveal her age. However, she has no problem exposing her weight of over 95 kilos. Eudoxie Yao thinks she is the most beautiful woman in her country, and she challenges all women who say they are more beautiful than her.

Eudoxie Yao
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Eudoxie Yao does everything to be as sexy as possible. This is why she always wears ultra, tight clothes to enhance her curves. She would have refused several thousand euros from a wealthy Saudi who wanted her presence on his birthday.

The only biggest curve in Africa?

No! She is not the only African ladies with massive curvy back. Some African ladies with huge backside measures at a crazy more than 50 inches, and they are bold to flaunt their natural gift.

Who is Eudoxie Yao? African Kim Kardashian with 60 inches hip

A lady, who her pictures resurface online has become a celebrity after the photos of her natural endowment, went viral online. The unidentified lady showed off her curvy backside as she attracted the attention of some online users.

Another lady is from Senegal and has nothing to envy to Cote d’Ivoire. Indeed, if Eudoxie wreaks havoc in Abidjan and Dakar, another lady, Elisa, is ravaging for Senegalese.

Who is Eudoxie Yao? African Kim Kardashian with 60 inches hip

The African lady with the perfect shape and the appearance of a bomb has played in several clips like that of Pape Diouf (Sadio) and “Dinama Gaia” by Ombre Zion.


Who is Eudoxie Yao? African Kim Kardashian with 60 inches hip

The African Kim Kardashian has challenged a man to lift her and hold her up for some time. Undoubtedly the man, identified as jeff, reluctantly delay before accepting the challenge. The latter who has no big muscle finally succeed in this challenge and lift the biggest curve in Africa up.


For the past years, Eudoxie Yao has been visiting the orphanage to help the needy. She visited the Best Hearts of Popo, Benin, to promote the children who do not have biological parents.

Biggest hip donates to the orphanage [Photos]

These orphans were very happy to receive the gifts donated by Yao. She offered them bags of rice, cans of oil, soaps, and many other consumer products. The joy of the children could be read on their faces. They did not fail to express their gratitude to Eudoxie Yao.

For her part, Eudoxie did not stop at the gift of food products. She also gave money to the orphans.

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