Who is John Frog? The south Sudanese pop star

John Frog is one of the few best-known South Sudanese musicians in Africa. This songwriter, rapper, and performer was known to the general public thanks to the song “Guondo Sakit” in collaboration with the Tanzanian Harmonize.

South Sudanese music is not very publicized in Africa, yet this country is full of artists who sing for peace, love, and national unity. Among them, the star John Frog. However, this piece reveals in two points what the public likes to call ‘standard-bearer of South Sudanese music’.

Who is John Frog?

John Frog is a rapper who stands out among these artists who evolve in the shadow of the ghetto in South Sudan. Influenced by Afrop, the Bongo Flava of Tanzania, this star directs his musical productions in raising awareness of the masses, raising awareness for peace and unity in his native country, South Sudan.

John Frog
John Frog – ©Facebook

Beyond his patriotic commitment, the young rapper sings about love, atmosphere, and more. This combination of the sentimental and revolutionary genre made him famous in the Eastern Horn of the African continent.

The South Sudanese rapper does not evolve in a vacuum. He is close to musicians from Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Thanks to his open-mindedness, Frog has already collaborated with musicians such as Harmonize from Tanzania. He has already participated several times in concerts in Uganda, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Who is John Frog? The south Sudanese pop star

In 2019, this rapper invited the Tanzanian star Harmonize on the cover of his hit “Guondo Sakit”. This collaboration propelled him onto the continental chessboard.

As proof, he already has more than 3.1 million views on YouTube. Between 2019 and 2020, this song was featured in dance parties in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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