Why am I so nostalgic about the past

You can often feel nostalgic for your past. It seems as if everything was more uncomplicated and more interesting before. You want to look at photos from a certain period of your life, communicate with those with whom you were close once, and come back to the thoughts that you will never be as happy as then.

From time to time, such nostalgia rolls over each of us. But if thoughts about the past do not leave you and it begins to seem to you that the best years have already been lived, it becomes more and more difficult to live here and now. We’ve collected a few common reasons why you might feel nostalgic. Realizing what exactly is your trigger, you can rethink the events of the past or your attitude to the present.

1. The problems you faced in the past seem easy to you now

When you were younger, and still in school, a poor score on a test might have seemed like the end of the world to you. It’s possible that you’re overly concerned about things that, on the surface, don’t seem to warrant much attention. When you look back on your past feelings from the vantage point of your most recent life experience, all you can do is smile. It is also capable of playing a cruel joke on you, giving you the impression that you have never faced any difficulties in the past or that they were all easily overcome.

It is important to remember that a few years ago, you were an entirely different person, with different responses, knowledge, skills, perspectives on life, and priorities. Obviously, in this day and age, it is simple for you to assert that a deuce is insignificant compared to the obstacles to work, the debts, or the economic situation in the nation. However, anxiety and stress started to set in as you were walking home because you suddenly realized how difficult of a situation you were in.

Never minimize the significance of the challenges you overcame in the past. Your most recent iteration would have had no trouble handling everything, but in the past, it took you a lot more time and effort to get your life back on track after a major disruption. Similarly, you will reflect on the true difficulties you face, and you will realize, in the not too distant future, that you are needlessly worried about the results of a lot of events.

2. Your hopes and your dreams have not been fulfilled

Why am I so nostalgic about the past

As a result of your dissatisfaction with your current situation, your mind may wander to happier times when you were better. For instance, when you are a child or a teenager, you might do your absolute best in school, envision yourself attending a prestigious university, and fantasize about having a successful career. The truth is, however, that you make a salary that is about average, that you despise your position, and that you lack the willpower to build a successful career.

You long to be transported back to that point in time and place, when the course of your life was not yet set in stone, and you were confident that the decisions you made would lead to the realization of your goals. But there’s no time like the present to make positive changes in your life; it’s never too late to start. Get off the couch and start doing something productive with your time. Obsessive thoughts, despite being beneficial at one time, will only serve to distract you from finding solutions to your problems in the here and now. Therefore, stop dwelling in the past and give up hope for the future.

3. You made mistakes in the present

You could have made several wrongs, as you think, decisions that ruined your life. In this case, you will increasingly begin to feel nostalgic for your past, where you have not yet encountered all the problems that exist in your present. You will remember your mental anguish and doubts that overcame you when making any decisions, scold yourself that you went against your intuition, dreaming of returning to that very time.

None of this will help you escape from problems. If you feel uncomfortable because of mistakes you have already made, spend time and effort not on nostalgic memories but on working on your life. Mistakes can be corrected, or at least adapt to the changes they have brought to your present.

4. You are disappointed in love and friendship

Nearly everyone will, at some point or another in their lives, be let down by those who are important to them, be it friends or loved ones. It may become challenging for you to get closer to other people, build trusting relationships, call someone a friend, or plan a future with someone you like due to the traumatic experience you have had.

You may miss the times when you were surrounded, as it seemed to you, by loyal friends or your beloved girlfriend was next to you. Especially nostalgic thoughts will overwhelm you if you are lonely now. Of course, you will want to experience the same emotions as before because once you do not think about the fact that a person may suddenly turn out to be a traitor or a liar. You sincerely believed in his positive intentions and were going to communicate with him all your life.

5. You are tired of the responsibility that has fallen on you

Why am I so nostalgic about the past

Until you came of age, you could at least partially shift responsibility from yourself to your parents or older relatives. Now you have become such an adult yourself, and you have no one to shift responsibility for your life to. You provide for yourself, cook for yourself, solve your problems, maintain comfortable living conditions, and so on. When you get tired, you have no one else to ask to do something for you. Realizing this, you dream of returning at least briefly to a time when you could not think about all adult responsibilities.

6. Life seems boring to you

In the past, you were capable of engaging in a much higher level of activity than you do at present. You feel as though your life has hit rock bottom when you reflect on all the times you spent constantly hanging out with friends, attending concerts, living the college life, or getting involved in school adventures. You do nothing but go to sleep, work, and occasionally hang out with the same group of friends who are also bored.

Nostalgia for the times when you had fun will only make you even more disappointed in the reality around you. It is best to organize your leisure time. Start going out, get a hobby, and diversify meetings with loved ones. Do something – if your life is boring right now, you don’t pay enough attention to it, preferring to focus only on what you have in the first place: making money.

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