Why do we become conservative as we grow up

Who among us has not been a rebel during their youth? It showed in many ways but was present in every individual. Others were in disagreement with their parents and society, while others committed even more extreme acts.

However, as people get older, their tendency to rebel diminishes, and the vast majority adopt not even a neutral position but rather a conservative one. They “betray” their ideals and become the people they once rebelled against in their younger years. Why is that the case? This is due to several different factors.

Hormones stop raging

Hormonal changes are one of the primary contributors to defiant behaviour in adolescents. Hormones pounce on the teenager like huge waves on a small ship during a storm, and there is no chance of the teenager escaping their shackles. These changes significantly impact the psyche, which frequently results in unmotivated aggression and antisocial behaviour. The young are pushed to succeed by nature regardless of whether or not their efforts will be beneficial. The most important thing is that they make progress, change, and advance.

Hormone levels gradually return to their normal levels as a person ages. When all aspects of a person’s life are under control, they lose their unjustified aggression. We no longer feel the need to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the population in any way, shape, or form because we have reached the point where we believe that we have finished what was meant for us to do.

We don’t think of ourselves as the centre of the universe any longer

When we are young, one of the side effects of the hormonal explosion is an inflated sense of self-esteem. When a boy or a girl puts themselves at the head of the universe, they think that everything around them depends on their decisions. This is the same youthful maximalism that we saw earlier. When a person is young and full of idealism, they are more likely to take risks and make choices that they otherwise would not have the courage to make when they are older and more experienced and have a higher level of self-esteem. This can be beneficial, at least from the perspective of evolution.

After some time, when our self-esteem has decreased and reached a level where it is normal, we stop thinking of ourselves as the centre of the universe. Because we are nothing more than cogs in a much larger machine, this leads to the fact that we are already terrified of participating in a rebellion. What impact can such a minute component have? Nothing, and at best, he will be immediately replaced by someone else who is more productive in their role. And if this is the case, then there is simply no point in fighting back, as doing so is not only typically foolish and dangerous, but it is also impossible for a single person to accomplish on their own.

We increase both our knowledge and our experience

The vast majority of people create mistakes due to their lack of knowledge and experience. The word “rebelliousness” refers to the kinds of errors that young people make when they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. In addition, he does not differentiate between beneficial changes and the dissipation of forces, which is again due to a lack of knowledge and experience on his part.

When we get older, we realize more and more that the things we fought for when we were younger were for nothing more than fighting windmills. Then, we had the impression that it was something very significant that would change the course of history. But now that we’re older and have more knowledge and experience under our straps, we realize that this is something as ridiculous as it gets.

We understand that there is no need or sense for radical changes

Everything that exists in this world is subject to cause and effect relationships. At the very least, when viewed through the eyes of evolutionary theory, it is foolish to engage in behaviour that makes no sense. However, when we are younger, we do not fully understand the significance of the relationships between causes and effects. As a result, we rush into battle to change something or make it more convenient for ourselves. It makes no difference that this is a pointless activity, and it may even be dangerous; the most important thing is not the results but rather the process.

After entering adulthood, we evaluate everything around us solely from the perspective of the consequences rather than the actions themselves. You can continue reorganizing everything, possibly even to a significant degree; however, does this serve any purpose or make any sense? Most likely not at all. Although our world is not perfect, this does not imply that to achieve questionable objectives, one must destroy all of their relationships.

This is how we’ve been accustomed to things

This may be one of the most important factors in becoming conservative. When we are young and have little life experience, everything seems fresh and exciting. It makes no difference that these models have been worked out for centuries or have arisen relatively recently; they are all the same and are perceived as outdated, which requires changes to be made. Why is it not important; the main thing that matters is to destroy and build anew, and clear goals will be established later on.

The effect of having something new gradually wears off. After that, a hormonal surge occurs, and then knowledge and experience take over where they left off. And at this moment, a person understands that even though there is something that disgusts them, they have become accustomed to the current state of affairs. This makes sense, given that evolution has programmed a mechanism of adaptation into our brains to ensure that our psyche does not develop unexpectedly due to the continuous stress that is brought on by being dissatisfied. Because it is possible to become accustomed to extremely unfavourable circumstances, not to mention the desire to change the world, rebellion is seen as something dangerous and unstable.

We realize that peace is more important than change

In addition to growing used to one’s surroundings, there are some other significant circumstances that, when taken together, play a significant role in trying to tame rebellious feelings. One of these is realizing that maintaining peace is more important than making changes. If you’re fortunate, this comprehension will come with knowledge, such as that gained from reading history books. You only need to think back to any revolution to understand how people lived during times of rapid social transformation. Although there was a subsequent significant rise in living standards due to certain revolutionary changes, this improvement came about only after some time. During these same revolutions, however, life was extremely challenging.

This understanding will come to you if you are unlucky, through experience; that is when a person finds himself in the centre of events and is forced to maneuver in them while trying not to sink. In any event, almost all people who rebel over time realize, as a result of gaining knowledge and experience, that their desire to go against something is not worth the consequences that their actions will cause. Changes may bring about improvements in the future; however, it will not be possible to determine whether or not this is the case for some time. The time for peace has come, and it is now.

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