10 tips that could one day save your life

Sometimes our survival depends on what at first glance seems like a mere trifle. Sometimes information can save lives. Please take note of these 10 simple tips: who knows, maybe someday they will come in handy and even save your life!

Take a charger and a lifeguard blanket with you to the forest!

Even a short walk in the forest can be dangerous. There are cases when people got lost in the forests, which they knew like the back of their hand. Always take your smartphone with you and a charger so that you can call for help as soon as you realize that you are lost. You can also take a multifunctional Swiss knife with you.

Also, be sure to take a lifeguard blanket with you. It is sold in shops for hunters and anglers, does not take up much space and can save you from hypothermia while waiting for help. Remember, even a couple of hours in the woods on a cool August night can be fatal if you’re wearing nothing but light hiking pants and a T-shirt.

Sign up for self-defence courses

Everyone should be able to defend themselves. Uncertainty and panic during an attack can waste valuable time. Self-defence skills will increase your self-confidence and allow you to fight back that many criminals do not expect.

Learn the basics of first aid

Thanks to these courses, you will know how to help other people and yourself, for example, quickly stop bleeding.

If an animal bites you, be sure to get vaccinated against rabies

A bite and the ingress of saliva into a wound on the skin can become the cause of infection with the rabies virus. Unfortunately, once the symptoms of rabies do appear, treatment is no longer useful.

Therefore, after contact with an unfamiliar animal (it does not matter if it is domestic or wild), you must consult a doctor to undergo a course of anti-rabies vaccinations. Rabies is the only disease in the world that has one hundred percent


Learn to swim

Take a couple of weeks to learn how to float. Perhaps one day, it will save your life.

Pay attention to evacuation schemes in large shopping centers

In an emergency, most people tend to the central exit. A crowd may arise, in which there are often human casualties. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to signs indicating alternate escape routes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you feel that you are in danger, for example, someone is watching you, or you feel sick, be sure to tell passers-by so that they can help you. Shyness and indecision can play against you!

If you fall on the rails in the subway, lie down with your head towards the train

There is not always time to get out of the way using special stairs. Therefore, falling on the way, lie between the rails on your stomach, head to the train, and try to cuddle as tightly as possible. If you have a backpack on your back, take it off quickly.

Lost in the forest, walk along the river

Since ancient times, people have been building villages along large rivers. Therefore, getting lost in the forest, try to move along the river to reach people.

Of course, this only applies to cases when you cannot call rescuers for help; for example, your phone is damaged. If help is on its way, it is advised not to move and wait for a team of professionals to arrive.

Memorize emergency phone numbers

You should know by heart the emergency telephone numbers of your region. Memorize them yourself and make sure your children know them.

In a state of panic, a person can forget many important data, including the phones of the emergency services. Therefore, you need to know them in the same way as your name!

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