Widower shows manhood after accuse of killing wife with large manhood

A widower forced to show his manhood to friends and officials after the death of his wife attributed to his large genitals. The widower lost his wife due to an apparent epileptic seizure.

A grieving widower was forced to show his penisz to his family, friends, and officials after his father-in-law reported it to the police, claiming that his genitals were so large that he had killed his daughter during lovemaking at night.

The widower, named only Baresh, was summoned for interrogation in February of this year after his father-in-law, 55-year-old Nedi Sito, denounced him. Nedi Sito, from Maron Kidul village, Maron district, East Java province, Indonesia, had heard rumors of the death of his 23-year-old daughter Jumantri. He, therefore, reported his son-in-law to the police.

At the station, Baresh was asked to open his hood so that everyone could inspect him, including the parents of his deceased wife and the village chief.

After inspecting the hood of the widower, it was decided that he had manhood sized “fairly normal” and that it was not the cause of the death of his wife.

Widower shows manhood after accuse of killing wife with large manhood

It was later discovered that the woman had died from an apparent epileptic seizure during the night. The woman had been suffering from epilepsy for years.

The head of the Probolinggo Criminal Investigation Unit told Detik Today: “After first seeing the size of the genitals that we thought were large, it turned out that they were just normal size. At that time, the father-in-law revoked the report and both parties pardoned each other.”

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