Win against your ex-club? Then mock their supporters with pants on the knees

Win against your ex-club? Not everyone really likes his or her ex, especially when fired. In Zanzibar, Miembeni beat Jang’ombe, but there will still be talking about Miembeni’s coach. After the game, he went out for the fans of the opposing club, with his pants on his knees, ridiculed them.

Miembeni against Jang’ombe club. A match in the second division of the Zanzibar Premier League, Tanzania. Not all about the particular club in itself, but for the Miembeni coach, Mani Gamera. He used to coach Jang’ombe but was fired.

Whether he has processed that dismissal properly is questionable. After the game, he celebrated Miembeni’s victory very exuberantly for the supporters of the opponent. He made some obscene gestures and even took off his trouser. He then continued to celebrate with his players.

Win against your ex-club? Then mock their supporters with pants on the knees
©Youtube – Mani Gamera, manager of Tanzanian side Miembeni

“They rejected me by calling me a monkey. Today the monkey takes the clothes off. And there is nothing they can do about it. I am their husband and I am their father,” said Gamera after the game.

“In Zanzibar, coach Mani Gamera of Miembeni has been suspended for six months and fined circa $200 after his celebrations in his side’s 1-0 win over his former employers Jang’ombe,” Salim Masoud twitted.

The action of the Mani Gamera, manager of Miembeni, is not welcomed. He has been suspended for six months and with fined $200 after the mocking celebrating against his former team Jang’ombe

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