“YouTube is thinking about removing all children’s videos”

YouTube is fully researching the possibilities of child safety on the platform. One of the options that the top of the platform is considering in that context is to remove all children’s videos, and then include them in a special YouTube Kids app.

It is the next step in YouTube’s battle for child protection on the video site. The Google company has regularly been under fire, among other things by hidden pedophile communities that secretly share videos of children in ‘challenging poses’.

There is also regularly a shocking video with violence or blood presented to kids. The YouTube algorithm then ensured that children came across more and more videos like that. Something that also happened to the pedophiles: they were led to even more videos of naked children.

YouTube immediately took action by switching off the relevant channels and considerably limiting the response options on some videos. Also, (young) children were no longer allowed to stream live without a visible parent watching.

Get well soon

The top of the video site then promised to get better and worked on it earlier this year with the YouTube Kids app. This version of YouTube is especially for children. But that is not enough, according to YouTube, so a further solution is being considered.

However, it remains to be seen whether this plan – the removal of ALL children’s videos – actually has a chance. The logistical challenge of finding and removing billions of videos is already a monumental task. Let alone the lost revenue from advertisers who generally like to advertise children’s videos.

The Verge reports that YouTube is considering many other options for making YouTube safer.

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