10 unexpected benefits of being single

Many people out there are happy because they are not in a relationship. They may not determine why, but there are many good reasons to be glad you are single. It’s not just that you can do whatever you want. There is a certain satisfaction and self-confidence that accompanies bachelor life.

So below, you will see some benefits of being single

1. You know yourself better when you’re single

Research has shown that you know yourself better when you are single. Why? Because you are much more alone and do not have intensive contact with your partner. This results in the fact that you can think much more about your behaviour and thoughts. As a result, you are much more self-conscious when you are single.

2. You are healthier

Another study shows that the rate of heart disease is lowest in men who have never been married. These men are also less likely to gain weight. Not surprising, since you don’t have to stay fit because you already have a partner and feel comfortable with that, whether you are a kilo lighter or heavier.

3. You are happier

Singles appear to go through much more psychological developments than someone who is in a relationship. As a result, they are mentally developed much faster than someone who is constantly in a relationship. In this way, they also take more time for their work and appreciate it more. They also have a better relationship with their parents. ”Singles are more career-oriented and more open to new experiences both at work and in their private lives.”

4. Less to do in the household

When you are alone in a house, the chances are much smaller than becoming a gang. This way, you have fewer household tasks, such as washing dishes and cleaning up used items. You also have a lot less laundry when there is no partner in the house.

On the other hand, we also have to admit that you can share specific household tasks, which relieves some aspects. But then it has to happen; otherwise, things will still go wrong.

5. Better Friendships

Being in a relationship means you have a lot less time to spend with your friends. So when you are single, the chances of a closer bond with your friends are also a lot higher. And you have more time to get to know new people so your group of friends will also be a lot bigger than if you are in a relationship.

6. You sleep better

Research has shown that people in relationship sleep much less well than singles. Not surprising, of course, because without a partner, you can lie comfortably wide in bed, and a blanket is not always taken from you. In addition, it is much less hot in the summer than when you are lying alone. So do you cherish your night’s sleep?

7. You are financially better off single

21% of singles are in debt, while for people in a relationship, it is around 27%, we have to believe a survey from 2001. So it turns out that men who are in a relationship spend money much faster and therefore build up a debt. Of course not very surprising, if you now and then want to treat yourself or buy a nice present for your partner.

8. You have less stress

People in a relationship are much more likely to suffer from stress. Probably partly because of financial problems, but also because of relationship problems. You save yourself a lot of hassle and grief when you stay single. This also makes you less prone to depression.

9. You argue less

Speaking of arguing: people who are in a relationship argue much more than people who are not in a relationship. But that is, of course, not surprising. At some point, you want to resolve the argument and discussion with your partner, so you take it out on other people. Result? You will also argue with others around you.

10. You exercise more

The motivation to exercise can sometimes diminish in a relationship. Not only because you feel comfortable in your relationship, but also because you don’t have to show yourself to anyone anymore. Because that gorgeous lady/man in the gym can’t be yours anymore anyway, because you already have a partner at home.

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