11 signs of an intelligent man

Signs of an intelligent man are not only internal education culture but also conscientiousness and indifference.

Some researchers have identified a few specific traits and behaviors that men with higher than average intelligence levels share. Here are some things men that are intelligent share have in common.

Signs of an intelligent man

1. You are creative

If you are dedicated to a profession in which you can show off your artistic or creative talents, or if you devote time to it outside of your daily work, you are likely to be a very intelligent person.

Being creative is a symptom that you have a flexible and open mindset, that you like to question the status quo of things, and don’t feel comfortable in the comfort zone.

2. You are monogamous

A study suggests that a correlation exists between high intelligence and the number of s3xual partners in men. Indeed, the theory explains that the most intelligent men are more likely to value s3xual exclusivity since they deviate from their evolutionary norm.

3. You have surprising ideas

You might think that you suck when you have to come up with new ideas, whether it’s work or everyday situations (plans, trips …), but when you give it to them, people are amazed and praise them. It means that you are intelligent than you think. Men with a high IQ are more apt to solve problems in alternative ways.

4. You are curious

The adjective curious can be very nuanced, and when we use it today, we don’t mean you’re the type to ask questions all the time. But when something interests you, you take the time to think about it, even if it doesn’t bring you any benefit beyond your job or your passions. Do you read a lot? Do you consult the press? All of this indicates that you are an intelligent man.

5. People ask you for advice

You are like an oracle. Your colleagues and bosses come to you when they need help or a different solution to a problem. Your friends and family do it with personal issues for you to give them a hand. Does that happen to you too? This means that you are a trustworthy person and intelligent because you offer original solutions to the obstacles of everyday life.

6. You like alcohol (a little too much)

Surprising as it may sound, scientists found in a study that adults who drink the most alcohol are the ones who performed the highest on intelligence tests when they were young.

7. You are good with puzzles and problems

Do you like puzzles? What about sudoku and math problems? It’s another sign that you might be intelligent than you think. A man comfortable with these mental challenges can deal with visual and written information quickly and analytically. The same is true of math: you have a good memory and an ability for abstraction.

8. You watch everything around them

In a world where people loudly want to show that they are right, intelligent men are those who do the opposite. Instead of bragging about their successes from all sides and proving to everyone how right they are, intelligent men are somewhere on the side and calmly watching. They keep a close eye on who is speaking, and therefore it’s easier for them to spot mistakes that others are making and avoid them on their own, but maybe something new to learn and learn.

9. You learn quickly

Are you the first to learn how to control this new work tool? Or whoever has mastered this new card game after playing a few games? It can also indicate that you are an intelligent guy. This is because you are quick to analyze and assimilate information, memorize it and apply it correctly when the time is right.

10. They know how to play a musical instrument

A large amount of scientific research confirms that knowing how to play a musical instrument is linked to greater intelligence, especially from a young age. Any man who plays a musical instrument at an early age has a brain that will develop better and earlier.

11. You are interested in the world around them

It is logical to assume that intelligent men like to read, but being intelligent does not mean having the ability and desire to read a book for a book, but rather the intellect shows interest in the world around it. An intelligent man always asks questions and wants to know why and how something happened; they want to get all the information. They like to know everything about different spheres of life, and the love of reading may, but also may not be related to this curiosity.

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