4-months baby suffocates in plastic foil during sleep

In Grand Quevilly, a commune near the town of Rouen in the French region of Normandy, a terrible tragedy occurred last weekend with a 4-month-old baby. A plastic foil, which was supposed to cover a piece of furniture, came loose and landed on the little boy. The baby suffocated in his sleep.

The drama happened in the grandparents’ apartment where the parents stayed. The 24-year-old mother had placed her baby in a bed in the bedroom on Sunday but found the four-month-old boy’s lifeless body around 19 hours.

According to France Bleu, a neighbor was alarmed by the screams of the mother and immediately performed a CPR on the child. Firefighters and paramedics also tried to revive the baby but in vain. The help came too late.

Still according to France Blue, a plastic foil, which was intended to protect the furniture from dust in the room, would have flown away from the draught and landed on the baby during his sleep.

The police opened an investigation, but it is believed to be a fatal accident. An autopsy yet to be performed should shed more light.

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