4 reasons we live in an unhappy friendship

Just like love affairs and family ties, so friendships evolve and often end. But for some, it is tough to break away from a friendship, even if it becomes unhealthy, toxic, or simply unsatisfactory.

But why;

Why do we stay in friendships when they stop making us happy?

1. You have a common past

The phrase “friends forever” is reflected in secret handshakes, shared bracelets, endless conversations, and children’s movies.

And while childhood friendships can last over time, this bond can often hinder the separation process when that friendship ceases to be mutual and begins to wear off.

Childhood friends can remain friends because they feel guilty for breaking this sacred bond that lasts for years. And the phrase “we have been friends for 20 years” can make breaking up a friendship more difficult.

2. Your friend helped you in a difficult time

When a friend helps you get through a challenging event in life, you may feel that you owe your eternal friendship to him. But sometimes, this can be the last thread that holds back an already broken relationship.

3. You feel connected to a friend through a mutual company

Sometimes getting away from a friendship is especially difficult if it works in a group. In this scenario, a person may find it difficult to move away from a friend without disconnecting from a more extensive social network.

4. No one taught you how to break up with a friend.

Despite the endless information about ending unhealthy relationships and books about getting rid of toxic family members, few discuss the difficulties of ending an unhealthy friendship.

Indeed, leaving either a love affair or a friendship is difficult and painful. But sometimes it’s the best thing to do for you. The courage to leave those you feel are no longer suitable for you helps you grow as a human being

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