40 short everyday tips to make your life much easier

Every day we are in a hurry; we need to do one thing first to move on to another quickly; we are constantly looking for ways to save time and nerves.

We have compiled some concise tips that can save you time, money, and nerves while they can even make your life easier.

Of course, some tips are more effective, others are more inventive, but it’s still worth trying them to understand how they suit you.

Short helpful tips

  1. If you want to quickly notice your suitcase or bag at the train station or airport – tie a bright bow to it (unless, of course, your suitcase is not brilliant by itself – then you will notice it anyway).

2. Instead of repeatedly crossing out an unnecessary word, it is better to write one or two other words over it.

3. Take pictures of people’s business cards on occasion. If you lose any business card, its photo is on your phone.

4. You can quickly iron a button-down garment if you turn it over with the buttons down.

5. Place an advertising or old newspaper on the bottom of the bin to absorb the liquid from the debris.

6. Just in case, keep in your wallet a paper or a business card with information about your blood group, phone numbers of loved ones (or one significant digit, in case something happens), allergies to some drugs, and possibly other brief information – this can save your life.

7. If you have dirty clothes in your bag to prevent the whole bag from smelling, keep a scented soap bar in the bag with dirty clothes.

8. When taking a selfie, squint your eyes a little, so your smile will look more natural.

9. You can make a temporary night light by placing your smartphone with a flashlight under a transparent water bottle.

10. Broken keyboard feet can be replaced with clips (paper clips).

11. Wrap a drink bottle in a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes – this way, you can quickly chill any drink.

12. In an empty bottle of ketchup (or something else), you can pour the mixture for pancakes and boldly squeeze it out into the pan as much as you need. Moreover, various shapes and patterns can be extruded.

13. Identical keys are easier to recognize if you paint each a specific colour, using, for example, nail polish.

14. Toilet paper rolls can be used to store cables neatly. They can also be used to create a variety of crafts, including Christmas tree decorations.

15. With a cocktail tube, you can easily remove the middle of the strawberries.

16. An empty shampoo or liquid soap bottle can be turned into a simple smartphone holder when you charge your gadget.

17. Take pictures of acquaintances to whom you have lent something – so you will know what is with whom.

18. For convenience, you can mark when you need to drink the right amount of liquid on the water bottle.

19. Packages made of rigid plastic

can be opened with a can opener to avoid injury.

20. If you add a teaspoon of baking soda to the container where the egg is boiled, the shell will be much easier to clean.

21. To see all your clean T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, underwear, etc., in the locker. Try storing them vertically.

22. How to quickly clean a blender:

  • Pour soap into it.
  • Add water.
  • Cover and turn on.
  • Rinse under the tap.

23. A dirty showerhead can be cleaned with a simple bag and vinegar:

  • Pour a glass/half glass of vinegar into the bag.
  • Submerge the watering can in the bag or secure the bag to the showerhead with a rubber band.
  • Leave it overnight.

24. The hair clip will keep the wires from getting tangled.

25. To keep the pizza warm while taking it home, put the box with it on the car seat and turn on the “heated seats”.

26. If you arrived at the hotel but forgot to charge your smartphone, you can charge your gadget from the TV (if you have a USB cable).

27. If you use special characters in the password, such as a special letter from the Spanish alphabet, the password will become much more secure.

28. An old glasses case can store several important cables.

29. Take a picture of your refrigerator to understand better what is and is not worth buying in the store at the moment.

30. Fill half of your sports bottle with drinking water and place it on its side in the freezer. A little later, when the floor of the water bottle is frozen, you can add water, and it will be cold for a long time.

31. You can use a sticky note to pick up small debris from the keyboard slots.

32. To stop receiving promotional emails, filter emails using the words “Unsubscribe”.

33. With the help of an elastic band, put on a can of paint, you can remove excess paint from the brush.

34. A cake or pie crust can be easily cut evenly with a fishing line or thread.

35. Hairpins of invisibility will not be lost if you store them in a tick-tock box.

36. To quickly find the beginning of the tape, use a paper clip.

37. If you think that someone is dictating a fictitious phone number to you, ask him to repeat it.

38. Chewing gum with the same taste as the gum you chewed during exam preparation will help you remember some of the material you have learned.

39. Marker marks can be removed with lemon juice:

  • Cut the lemon in half.
  • Apply some lemon juice to a cotton swab.
  • Wipe the marks of the marker with a cotton swab.

40. Old white shoes can be cleaned with white toothpaste and a toothbrush. Apply the toothpaste to your old toothbrush, and then apply the paste to the stains. Leave the toothpaste on your shoes for about 10 minutes, then wipe it off with a damp towel. Repeat the process as needed.

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