5 good reasons to train your dog

Many dog owners are too lazy to train their pets. And in vain. Teaching different dog commands can significantly improve the lives of both the animal and its owner. Here are some good reasons to start training your dog at least a couple of times a week.

Training strengthens the relationship between the owner and the pet

5 good reasons to train your dog

Training your dog will help you strengthen and improve your relationship with your dog. But only if you will not scream, beat the dog, pull it by the leash with force, etc.

It is better to use positive reinforcement for training: affection, toys and snacks. This will help you build a relationship with your pet that is not based on fear but respect, trust and friendship.

Improves dog behaviour at home

Training helps your dog understand how to behave at home, and it solves many of the problems typical for dog lovers: eaten sofas, howling at night, unexpected puddles on the carpet, etc.

If you want to be happy with your pet in the same house, be sure to teach him. You can do this yourself or ask a dog handler for help.

Keeps the dog safe

5 good reasons to train your dog

Your dog doesn’t need to learn how to do complex tricks, but it should learn basic voice commands to help keep it safe

. These commands include: “Come to me,” “Sit,” “Wait,” and “Drop it.”

They are necessary so that your dog does not run away where his eyes are looking during a walk, does not taste any nonsense that can be dangerous, and does not approach strangers and dogs without permission.

It makes walks more enjoyable

5 good reasons to train your dog

Indeed, you have seen a situation more than once when the dog walks the owner down the street, like a rag doll on a string. Such walks may suit pets, but their owners are not happy about them.

To make it pleasant for you to walk with your dog, teach him not to pull the leash and walk calmly next to you. This may take a little more time than we would like, but all the hours spent on training are worth it.

It helps the dog to become more outgoing and friendly

Training helps your dog socialize and become more outgoing and friendly towards other animals and people, both adults and children.

This allows you to avoid many troubles and conflict situations. And for some people, a generous and friendly dog helps to get acquainted and make new friends.

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