6 jobs that could (maybe) make you a millionaire

Do you think the average monthly salary is a bit poor? Afrinik searched for six jobs with which you – with a big maybe – can make it a millionaire.

Who doesn’t want eight zero figures in the account, but before you headlong into your career: remember that big money doesn’t make you really happy if you don’t like your job.

1. Real estate broker

To say that every real estate agent will ever become a millionaire is greatly exaggerated. But there are certainly good things to do. After all, you earn a percentage of the sale price. Suppose you can regularly sell a large building or luxury villa, then you can feed your bill nicely.

2. Investment banker

Investing large amounts without getting your savings, that is possible as an investment banker. Not that those transactions are without risk: your customers naturally count on returns and certainly do not like to see their money go up in smoke. But if you are good at your profession, you will certainly find clients who are happy to entrust part of their portfolio to you.

3. Success author

Writing books does not usually make you a millionaire. On the contrary, the author’s margin on the sale price is quite small. But some writers, such as JK Rowling or Stephen King, are successful worldwide, selling millions of books. Their income is corresponding.

4. Manager

Managers and board members are at the top of the list of highest-earning professions. On average, they can count on over $5000 gross per month. Admittedly, you won’t become a millionaire in the blink of an eye. But with a little patience, and if you end up in the top segment of the highest-earning managers, it can work.

5. Inventor

“What do you want to be when you’ve grown up?” Ask a child and – if they don’t want to become a professional footballer or top tennis star – they might answer, “Inventor!” Now there are quite a few people who make a living by inventing. They are clever minds who come up with useful, fun, or world-improving applications. Something for you? Do not forget to apply for a patent because therein lies the possibility to monetize your invention.

6. Investor

Investing always involves risk. And for most of us, an investment does not immediately lead to millions in return. But some do become millionaires just by investing. And the happy few will become billionaires themselves.

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