6 things wealthy girls don’t buy

If a girl considers a velour suit and denim boots to be things that she urgently needs to buy, she has big problems with her wardrobe.

Wealthy girls will always pass by such things, and the point is not that they are cheap. Just deliberately pretentious things that attract attention with textures and shapes are not synonymous with luxury.

If they want to look like a million, women achieve the opposite effect by buying the following items.

Lacquered shoes

Patent footwear is present in the wardrobe of financially wealthy people, but it is used exclusively on special occasions. This is not an everyday option that draws unnecessary attention to itself.

If a girl wants to stay on top and maintain the status of rich, then she needs to choose a minimalist shoe design, mainly from suede. Lacquered shoes take place in everyday life only under the condition of a modest bow and a complete absence of jewelry on them.

Oversized down jacket

A wealthy girl will choose this clothing option only if she plans to spend a weekend outside the city or ski resort.

In other cases, instead of an immense down jacket that spoils even an ideal figure, she will prefer a warm coat of a fashionable cut that emphasizes her dignity.

Velour suit

Once, having burst into trends, a suit made of soft fabric became a trend. Fashionistas combined it with heels, handbags, bright makeup and called this sporty style chic.

The trend is coming to naught, more relevant styles are replacing it, but some girls still periodically choose such a bow. Women with finances preferred to bypass this trend, choose classic suits, and not combine inconsistent with each other.

Jeans with glittery details

Today, this wardrobe piece with pearl beads and rhinestones is considered an anti-trend but does not leave the store shelves.

Some women of fashion even today consider such decor to be especially feminine. Here are just wealthy women of a different opinion. They have long abandoned such embellishment, choosing practical models, complementing them with belts.

Denim bow in one shade

A set of jeans and a similar jacket or shirt look too dull and emphasizes the girl’s desire to create a unique bow.

Rich girls choose only one denim item for their look so as not to overload it. Sometimes they make up such a pair, but they make things of different shades.

Lace lingerie

It makes the girl feminine and sexy. But in daily use, it is completely impractical and reduces the cost of the general view. So rich ladies think, choosing more laconic models aimed at environmental friendliness of materials and comfort.

Lace and prints stand out under the clothes, and it isn’t easy to find a basic item for them.

Wealthy girls do not always choose expensive models, brands, and fabrics. They prefer comfort, restraint, and style at the same time. Therefore, they add many popular things today to the list of anti-trends, passing by them in stores.

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