A girl poses sexy in front of the sea, but nature ousts her [Video]

A video shows a girl posing very sexy in front of the sea, and wanted to take a selfie but the nature of the waves does not forgive her and ousts her with all her strength.

Nature is equivalent to the natural world emerged in a way that we will never finish to understand, but the mystery behind it is the perfection of its design and the phenomena that may arise at any time. A video shared on the social network showed the exact moment when a young Asian girl was ousted by a powerful wave while taking a selfie.

In the video that lasted a few seconds, the young Asian girl was asking her boyfriend to take a selfie. Imagine! The perfect picture for one that visited a beautiful spa in Asia. The young woman wearing a pink dress never thought that the sexy photograph she planned to take off in front of the sea will become the nightmare she would ever experience.

A girl poses sexy in front of the sea, but nature ousts her [Video]

Only a few seconds were enough for a huge wave to hit the rocky walls and destroy everything in its path, among which was the young woman with open arms. Her boyfriend who took charge of taking the photograph did not have time to warn her about the force that was coming.

In a short moment, the camera was marred by the water that covered the young girl, her boyfriend, and their camera.

When the huge wave of the earth retreated, the young woman was rescued by her boyfriend who helped her to sit in a chair to wash her wounds and gave her first aid against her bruises.

The video has been shared by thousands of netizens. And the users highlight the little luck that the young girl had when it came to taking the “perfect selfie.”

“Poor girl, knowing that she was going to be the actor of a terrible accident, would never have dared to take a selfie,” were some of the comments on social networks.

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