How to rescue a phone that has fallen into the water and gets wet

A little more – and phones will finally cease to be afraid of water like fire. There are already dozens of models with water protection, but this option is not standard. Losing it all overnight is comparable to a house fire. Of course, you can secure your gadget with a special case.

But, firstly, such bumpers usually look not very attractive. And, secondly, water gets on your favourite device exactly when it is without a cover – just according to the law of meanness.


First of all, try to get the battery out of the gadget: water that gets here can lead to a short circuit – in this case, the phone cannot be saved. In general, try to disassemble the smartphone into as many parts as possible. It will be pretty simple with some devices, but the iPhone will only allow itself to be turned off.


This is one of the most well-known (and working) methods. Rice absorbs moisture well: fill it with a small container, put the phone inside and cover with a lid. Ideally, it would be to put the entire structure closer to direct sunlight.


Even an ordinary fan is quite capable of helping a phone damaged by water. You don’t need to turn it on at maximum speed: just put the device in front of it and leave

it on for a while.

Silica gel

Practically no different from the method with rice – but suddenly you don’t have rice at home, but are there many boxes with new shoes? Silica gel, usually packaged in small sachets, is in every pair of shoes to absorb moisture. Place your phone among these bags, leave it in the sun and wait with your fingers crossed.


If it is winter around and there is not a single ray of sunlight nearby, use a regular lamp. Place your smartphone on a few absorbent paper towels (remember to change them often), turn on the lamp, and leave it overnight.


No, this is not funny. Many people rush to check a gadget that has just got wet. Needless to say, this does not lead to anything good? If the phone does not turn off by itself after bathing, be sure to switch off it manually. It will be more whole.

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