7 signs your husband or boyfriend is using you

It is awful when you, as a woman, are in a situation where you doubt whether your partner has the best intentions for you.

This doubt stands in the way of your happiness.

I’m going to ask you something.

Are you unhappy in your current relationship?

It is impossible to be happy (in a relationship) if you suspect that your boyfriend is using you for whatever reason.

This presumption is not entirely unfounded, however. There are quite a few men who do that sort of thing.

Well, I know this is a tricky situation for you, but you know what’s worse?

Find out after a few years that he’s using you.

And to prevent this from happening, in this article, you will find 7 signs that you can use to test if your partner is using you.

Here are the 7 signs he’s using you:

1. He’s always commenting on you

A normal man appreciates when a woman does something nice for him. Such men find it essential to express that appreciation to you.

But a man who sees a woman as a tool?

Phew, he always comments.

Whatever you do, it’s never good enough for him:

  • If the two of you are intimately in bed, he will tell you that you are not doing it the right way.
  • If you cook him food after a long day – while you are tired – he will complain that the food is not good.
  • … And so on.

When a man is constantly commenting on you and what you do is never good enough, it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t want the best for you.

2. You only see him when he needs you

It’s not fun, but some men will only use you for attention.

Every time things don’t go so well, such a man will want to meet you. Think of situations like:

  • A hard day at work
  • He feels depressed
  • Or other personal problems
  • Fortunately, these types of men are pretty easy to recognize.

Because if he only contacts you when he needs to talk to someone.

Then it’s apparent that he’s using you for attention.

3. He never pays for you

No matter how anti-feminist it may be. When a man is crazy about you, he will want to take care of you.

For example, if you have had a drink somewhere together, he will want to pay the bill for you.

This is his way of saying:

“I like you and I want to take care of you.”

However, if a man never pays the bill or may even be financially dependent on you, there is a chance that he is using you for the money.

But before jumping to conclusions, take a look to see if you recognize some of the other signs in this article. To be on the safe side.

4. He regularly threatens to leave you

A man who regularly threatens to leave you is a man who is not afraid to lose you.

Anyway, this is a bad sign. Such a man will take advantage of the fact that you like him.

For example, he will say:

“If you don’t like it, you’re leaving, right?”


“If I don’t do it well enough, you’re leaving, right?”

He does this to get his way. That t his is at your expense leaves him indifferent


So be very careful when a man does this to you. There is a perfect chance that he will use you.

5. You are his secret

“Yeah, well, it’s crazy, it’s like he wants to keep our relationship a secret.”

This came to my mind this week when I went out to dinner with a friend. She said she had known this man for months.

In all that time, they had never met anywhere other than his house.

Then I asked:

“Why do you think he doesn’t meet you anywhere else?”

She looked at me and could read from my face exactly what I meant by this question. She said:

“Gosh, I feel so stupid that I didn’t think of this before….”

Somehow they know something isn’t right, but because they like him so much, they decide to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And that’s such a shame…

When a man keeps you a secret, it’s one of the most evident signs that he’s using you.

Yep, it’s that simple.

A man who likes you will be proud to show you off to his family and friends.

Such a man will want to walk down the street hand-in-hand with you so that the whole world can see that you belong to him.

But a man who keeps your relationship a secret?

Such a man cannot be trusted and does NOT want the best for you.

6. It’s all about s*x

The bad thing about this is that a man sometimes pretends to be madly in love with you when he’s just using you for s*x.

In other words…

It is sometimes quite difficult to recognize such a man.

But rest assured, there are some obvious signs to tell if a man is using you for s*x:

  • He only wants to meet late at night.
  • Conversations are (almost) always sexual.
  • He wants to meet at home.
  • You always have s*x when you are together. You can’t stay over, or he has to get up early. If you recognize several of these signals, there is a perfect chance that he is using you for s*x.

7. You wonder if your partner is using you

A woman has doubts about her boyfriend’s behavior. This is the last and most obvious signal that a man is using you.

When you ask yourself if a man is using you, it is a terrible sign because there is an imbalance somewhere in the relationship.

You give a lot, and he doesn’t do anything in return.

Although you instinctively know that something is not right, it is tough to admit it.

But the fact that you ask yourself this often says enough.

What you can do best if he uses you

If you suspect he’s using you – and you recognize some of the other signs – then it’s best to let him go and move on…

But, if you only recognize one or two characters. Or if you’re convinced he’s worth fighting for, then stay…

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