7 cooking tips for you who live alone

Either you live alone in the city you are studying, or you have decided to live alone to be independent of your family, but even if you are left alone at home for a few days, you will have felt that cooking is a big deal.

If you want to stop being tempted by “Should I eat outside today?”, Know that cooking is not as difficult as you imagine. With a few simple cooking tips, you too can make your daily life at home a little easier!

Tips to make cooking at home easier

Cook quantity

Do you make spaghetti with sauce to eat at lunch? Do not make just one portion. You can live alone, but why not have food for the night or even for tomorrow. This way, you do not have to cook many times a day and save valuable time.

Plan what you will cook

A good tactic to not wonder what you will eat every hour and moment is that you have already planned it. Put down paper and pencil and write down some of your favourite foods to make during the week.

Do not forget to accompany your dishes with salads and put at least one plate of legumes a week in your schedule.

Make a list before shopping

Do not drop the pencil, cut a piece of paper or take a post-it and prepare your list for the supermarket. Write down the necessary ingredients for each meal and calculate the money you will spend on them during the week.

Have the essentials in the fridge

Not necessarily; I’m not talking about beers and wine. And these are good to have! I’m talking about simple ingredients like eggs, cheese, ham and toast.

For better or worse, there are days when we do not have time or are bored to try hard and want something simple to be full. So what could be easier than a fried egg with potatoes, an omelette with cheese and ham or a club sandwich?

Make easy meals

I know you see the recipes of great cooks, and you lick the result. But complicated foods are not for every day. Do you remember your mother who made spaghetti with minced meat or other sauces, chicken with potatoes or tossing a schnitzel with french fries in the pan when she did not know what to cook? This is because these spicy foods are very easy to cook and something goes wrong.


Breakfast is a very important meal of the day, which often omit. However, breakfast is a meal you do not even have to cook for! You can throw milk, nuts and dried fruits in a bowl with oatmeal, and a full breakfast is ready to go.

On the other hand, you can fry an egg or make an omelette. If you have woken up again with an appetite, try a recipe for fries, and you will be amazed at how easy it is!

Make cooking fun

Feel the excitement you felt as a child when your mom told you to help her make cookies. Put on some music and dance while you stir the spaghetti in the pot.

Buy a funny apron that will whet your appetite for cooking, and get ready to be sprinkled with flour and get dirty!

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