7 simple life hacks to help people like you

Indeed you have met people who at first glance attract attention and seem interesting. And it’s not that they have a dazzling smile, an open gaze, a great sense of humor, or a rich vocabulary. Yes, it is connected exclusively with charisma, but some know some psychological techniques that help them to please others.

If you want to be in the ranks of such people, we suggest that you pay attention to several life hacks. And what is important – they are obscenely simple, so it will not be difficult to master them.

Take care of feedback

To make the interlocutor understand that you are not indifferent to him, touch on the topic, you discussed earlier. For example, if your friend mentioned that he was going on a fishing trip or vacation with his family on the weekend, ask how he rested, was there a good bite, what he caught.

 We do not suggest constantly discussing important and deep life topics. Life consists of small and, as it often seems, insignificant moments. However, attention to such things gives food for dialogue. The interlocutor will be pleased that you show interest in his affairs.

Memorize all names

 Everyone is pleased to hear their name. It is especially pleasant to hear him when an unfamiliar person addresses you. “Wow, he remembers! He remembers my name; he loves me! “In general, the ability to remember names is one of the keys to success. The main thing is not to overdo it, referring to the person by name 5 times in 30 seconds.

Share your secrets

 Revealing some of your cards is a simple and powerful technique for building relationships. No, you don’t need to open your soul at the first meeting. We all have little secrets, things that we might be ashamed of. Well, you shouldn’t start a conversation with that.

Sharing a secret is a great end to a meeting, a delicious dessert. When, after talking about detached things, you move on to personal topics, it will create a feeling of closeness, which will allow the interlocutor to trust you more easily in the future.

Listen to the interlocutor carefully

 Active listening is a must to maintain a constructive conversation. You will be much more attractive to those around you if you learn to concentrate

on the dialogue and not fly in the clouds, thinking about your own. Here you can use both simple (“What are you?”) And empathic phrases like “I understand you well. It’s hard”.

 So that the interlocutor understands that you hear him, you can insert brief retellings of what he said, but in your own words, of course. Ask him questions (except those that he may consider inappropriate), and, of course, if you are a listener, do not dare interrupt him.

Change directions to offer

Nobody likes to be poked into a bowl by their nose. It is better to change the “command” to “prepositional” to win over a person. For example, instead of demanding a quarterly report from an employee, say that you will be very happy and grateful if the document is ready by the end of the working day. Well, do not forget about the correct questions: “Will it work out today?”

Keep your emotions in check

It is important to remember that subconsciously, all people choose a person who is emotionally close to them as their interlocutors. You may have noticed that sometimes it takes time to be on the same wavelength with the interlocutor.

 And only when you catch this wave can you ride it on a shared surfboard. To make a good impression, control your mood and share only positive emotions. So either shares the positive or go out into the garden.

Avoid being categorical

It is not very pleasant to communicate with people who can be called extremely principled. While communicating with them, one gets the impression that a bad bullet is tightly stuck in their head and can no longer be removed.

Get rid of prejudices, change your point of view, look at the world from a different, unusual side. To be in tune with people, you need to learn to listen to them, compare their opinions with your own and come to some common denominator. Otherwise, you can be considered a curmudgeon, recluse, and just an unpleasant person.

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