7 words in your cover letter that will get you an interview

Most people fill their cover letters with meaningless words like a proactive, team player, and go-getter because they think these words will get them noticed by recruiters and HR managers.

But the truth is, everyone uses these meaningless words, and recruiters and HR managers have to trust your blue eyes in this way. And then don’t, because they don’t even get to see it. It is better to use active verbs instead.

So you do not tell your qualities (such as team player), but use active verbs to show that you are a team player.

Effective words in your cover letter

Okay, that probably still sounds a bit vague. Below we, therefore, give seven examples of active verbs that you can use in your cover letter.

1. Reached

In a cover letter, you should tell what you have done (after all, that is what your CV is for) and what exactly you have achieved in these roles. This is the difference between a meh; there might be something in this and a strong cover letter.

Show that you’re qualified for the job you’re applying for through your past successes. The other words in this article can help you with that.

2. Improved

By this, we mean words that show what you have brought previous employers. For example, have you improved the strategy? Has a company saved on costs because of you? Increase your customer base? Numbers raised or lowered? You get the picture.

3. Created

Words like created, launched and developed in your cover letter show that you have ambition and are proactive, without literally saying that you dream and are aggressive.

Do you understand the difference? On their own, the words are relatively meaningless. Anyone can say they are proactive. Instead, you give an example and let the recruiter or HR manager think for themselves.

4. Delivered

Speaking of numbers: words like profit, delivered, or within budget are also powerful words to use in your cover letter. Actual numbers prove you know what you’re doing more than examples of situations.

5. Managed

It is, of course, a no-brainer if you are a manager to mention this in your cover letter. But you can also think beyond just managing a team. Perhaps you have been responsible for specific projects? Or have you worked with interns? Then you have more experience with management than you would think at first glance.

6. Specialized

Do they ask for specific skills in a vacancy, and did you use and develop this skill daily in your previous job? Then you can say that you are specialized in this. Instead of simply putting this skill on your resume, you can emphasize it in your cover letter with a word like “specialized.”

7. Solved

Another word that makes recruiters and HR managers happy: solved. This shows that you have solved problems or issues at your previous job. Every company encounters these kinds of things, so it is nice if they have employees who proactively solve them.

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