8 signs you need to leave yourself alone

Often, you make life difficult for yourself and deal with it even better than other people or external circumstances. You can be your most ruthless critic, prevent yourself from moving forward, deprive yourself of the opportunity to rest normally, etc. Your excessive severity and exactingness will not bring anything good and will only shatter your nervous system and kill your motivation to do something.

We’ve put together a few signs that you’ve taken too much on yourself, and it’s time for you to leave yourself alone. If you see at least a few correspondences with the indicated points, try to change your attitude towards yourself while you have not yet faced serious negative consequences.

You don’t give yourself time to rest

You don’t like to give yourself a rest. Perhaps you consider resting a waste of time, or you are afraid that having rest, you will miss the opportunity to become better than others, slow down your growth, or relax and not be able to return to the usual pace of life.

Be that as it may, but without quality rest, your indicators will deteriorate: performance will drop, the concentration of attention will deteriorate, sleep will be disturbed, and health problems will arise. You better not bring yourself to such a state; otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to get out of it. Better start listening to your body and give it a break when it needs it.

You are never happy with the result

It’s good if you are used to doing everything conscientiously – this is, of course, a positive character trait that will help you more than once in life. But this trait has an extreme – striving for the ideal. If you are never satisfied with the result of your work, no matter how much effort and time you put into the process, most likely you are a perfectionist.

You must realize one simple thing – the ideal is unattainable, no matter how you challenge this statement. You can always make your work better, more creative, faster, etc. But if you dwell on it, you can never finish what you started. Leave yourself alone: if you’ve finished the job – don’t come back to it with endless “finishing touches.”

You compare yourself to those around you

Nothing lowers your self-esteem more than the habit of comparing yourself to other people. There have always been, are, and will be more successful, more beautiful, wealthier, and more intelligent than you.

But this is not a reason to criticize yourself, indulge in endless self-flagellation, or take on more than you can accomplish. Leave yourself alone: you have your own merits, your principles, and your own pace. Move forward and develop without trying to overtake anyone.

You criticize yourself even for small mistakes

All people make mistakes – this is what distinguishes us from soulless robots. Somewhere the calculations do not agree, somewhere emotions take over you, and somewhere you are mistaken due to an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances.

Stop criticizing yourself even for small and minor mistakes – this only increases your stress level, lowers your self-esteem, and negatively affects the result of your actions. Get away from yourself and allow yourself to be wrong – this is entirely normal.

You are constantly in fight mode

You are constantly in the mode of struggle – with the world around you, other people, and even yourself. All the decisions you make are not easy for you; all the goals you strive to achieve require huge investments of internal resources from you.

You do not know how and do not want to follow the simple path and do what you do best. You are fighting hard for a better future: in everything, you see competition, possible deception, attempts to take advantage of you, etc.

Each new day for you is an attempt to survive in a deliberately negative world towards you. Until you get rid of this thinking pattern, you will constantly be under stress until your body decides to give up. And this will surely happen because the reserves of internal resources are not infinite.

You have unrealistic expectations for your future

You are making grandiose plans for the future: you will become a millionaire, buy yourself a fancy house, or maybe move abroad and go to the best resorts every few months. No one says that this is impossible; it’s just that the likelihood that everything will come true exactly as you dream is too small, and you need to be prepared for disappointment.

You demand too much of yourself if you want to bring all your ambitious plans to life in the near future. People go to the goals that you set for yourself for many years – so stop pushing yourself.

You neglect your health for the sake of the result

If the main thing for you is not the process, but the result, and for the sake of achieving your goal, you are ready for anything – not sleeping at night, not allowing yourself to rest, withstanding fierce competition and pressure – it is unlikely that your health will be normal.

If you are satisfied with this alignment, you get what you want, but your state of health leaves much to be desired – it’s time for you to start working on your thinking. Health is very easy to lose and extremely difficult to recover. Keep this in mind and try not to take on too much workload.

You blame yourself for all the problems

Whatever happens in your life, you always consider yourself to be guilty of it. Breaking up, getting fired from work, betrayal – everything happens only because you did something wrong.

But this does not happen, in all conflicts, in all situations, not only you are to blame, but also other people, an unfortunate combination of circumstances, etc. Learn to accept all life’s hardships easier: not look for the guilty, but experience negative emotions and move on.

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