8 well-paid online jobs to get started now

The coronavirus era favours work from home, so it’s time to take full advantage of the benefits of online employment. We put in order the online job opportunities that exist out there and can offer a satisfactory, as well as a rich complement to your daily ‘9-5’ job.

The most common answer to “how do I start a good online business” often seems to be “opening my site.” Below we will see how you can earn a brave ‘extra,’ an online job that will immediately return the fruits of your investment of time and creativity in money.

1. Book Reviews

If you know English well, you can go to onlinebookclub.org, create your account and start reading literary books! For every review you submit, you earn from $5 to $60.

2. Advertise a brand

Download the Drum application, learn from the outside the most informative instructions and start posting on your personal social media the available material of the companies that cooperate with the specific app. For each post that results in a successful sale, you can earn $10-12.

3. Evaluate the operation of a site

You enter UserTesting and become a test participant, i.e., you evaluate the operation of new sites offered by the specific platform. For each analysis/evaluation, you get rewards ranging from $12 to $120.

4. Become the magician of writing / transcribing

If you can write quickly and without mistakes, if you have experienced the magical experience of transcribing if you have experience of keeping minutes in meetings, then you can join Upwork and send your CV to the (hundreds) foreign companies there out looking for experienced and reliable typists.

5. Take out the performer you are hiding inside

If you are good at imitations, if you tell jokes and those around you laugh (not to be offended), if you can do any of this in English, you can go to Fiverr and sell your skills in video format.

6. Answer questions

If you know anything, anything, very well, from medicine and astronomy to philosophy and poetry, creates your profile on the JustAnswer site and start accepting questions. You will save from $ 18 to $ 50, depending on the difficulty of each question.

You will go through a formal approval process to confirm your formal qualifications. With 300 questions a month, you can save up to $1,200. It does not sound bad.

7. Become a virtual assistant

And we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the hobby. If you have years of service in organizational roles in large private companies, whether keeping notes, making appointments, making reservations, communicating with partners, doing any task that arises in the daily life of a company, from your home, is something If you think you can handle it. You should send your resume to Upwork, ZipRecruiter, or FlexJobs.

Hundreds of executives are looking for capable VAS every day, and there are many stories of employees starting as virtual assistants and earning up to $ 100,000 a month from home. Having been a virtual assistant/person for every possible job in an American company, I would suggest you – if you can stand the time difference with Northern Europe, Russia, or America, to start it immediately.

8. Write guest blogs/articles

If you are good at English, if you have excellent knowledge in the scientific field you have studied, go to Upwork and publish a sample of your work. Hundreds of companies are looking for people who can be proven to write a text that will interestingly capture their mission. A good blog writer today has an average salary of $ 30-35 per hour.

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