‘Flying car’ makes successful test flight: should be for sale in 2023

The Japanese company SkyDrive has made a successful test flight with the SD-03, a one-person ‘flying car’ that can take off and land vertically. The company, which is financed by Toyota, wants to bring the device to the market by 2023.

SkyDrive announced the successful flight on its website and also showed a video of the flying car making a manned test flight. According to SkyDrive, the test flight was conducted over car manufacturer Toyota’s test track, with the intention of gaining approval for testing at other locations.

During the test flight, the SD-03 was controlled by a pilot, supported by a computer. The entire flight took only four minutes but was completed without problems. The intention is to first market the aircraft, which is driven by an electric motor, in Japan. In 2023 there should also be a two-seater.

More companies are busy making these types of airplanes, which are mainly intended as air taxis. For example, last year, Boeing already made a successful test flight with a small electric plane that can land and take off vertically. Boeing wants consumers to use it on short flights in urban areas, in order to relieve heavy car traffic.

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