9 signs that he wants to marry you

You have a serious relationship, and you are sailing in a sea of happiness, or you feel that you have gone through a lot and he is your man. You hear here and there (okay, continuously) the church bells ringing in your head, and you already imagine what your wedding dress might look like. But does he want to marry you?

Since asking a man often is usually considered stressful, we have collected some signs that show that he wants you to become his wife with glory and honour… or at least he thinks very seriously. In the end, so be it since marriage is a very serious matter.

He believes that you are special

Do you often see him say and prove that you do not look like his previous relationships, that he has a complete feeling with you and that you are unique to him?

Then it is very likely that he has thought seriously before making such statements, so he does not see your relationship as a game. So, he will be ready for the next step.

He behaves like the first time

He suddenly becomes much more tender and cuddling while he gets excited much more easily, almost like the first time of the relationship you were on honeymoon. This is a sign that he has thought about your life in the future and is happy with that prospect.

Maybe he has already set up in his mind exactly how he will make you a proposal, which is why he is so excited.

He talks to you about his job

Work is one of the basic elements that complement the man’s image of himself because he has it in his mind as a sign that he can provide for himself and his loved ones.

So if you see him talking to you about his job and, even better, asking for your opinion on work issues, know that more seriously than what he sees you now, it does not happen.

Takes you with him to family events

He wants to spend his life with you and introduce you formally when his family makes sure to see you with him. You can be even more confident about him if he comes with a similar appetite to your family events while yours have met. The presence of the family in everything indicates seriousness.

He has married friends

They say, “show me your friend to tell you who you are,” and it is true because with friends, we may not have the same tastes, but we agree on basic values of life.

Having friends who are married means that he values their way of life. So, he is not terrified of the idea of marriage and sees himself in this position in the future, which is very encouraging.

He wants to stay with you

It is not his favourite thing to share the space with which he can fully be himself. It would help if you had maximum intimacy but also prospects for maintaining it.

So if he is really happy that you are living together and sharing all the moments of your daily life, he will probably be happy if this becomes permanent and formal.

He wants you to have a common wallet

Talking to a couple openly about their finances without feeling threatened or ashamed is one of the main signs that their relationship has reached a level high enough to build their life together.

You are on a very good path if he likes to give you things just because he loves you and not win your love.

Does not feel pressure or competition

To stay in a relationship, one must feel equal to one’s partner. If he feels inferior, he will feel that he is not worth being in this relationship, while if he feels superior, he will gradually stop admiring him.

In addition, the feeling of pressure means that we are not ourselves, and sooner or later, we will feel in a cage. Without this information, the decision to commit is much easier.

He starts talking about it

And we end in the most obvious way, and perhaps the only way you can be completely sure: to tell you clearly that he is thinking of marriage.

He may start as a joke, such as trying to guess the right ring, giving you some hints or references about your future in general, about the moment of the proposal or even about the wedding day.

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