A duck named Gertrude and what she became famous for

Gertrude is a famous duck, and she has a fabulous hairdo that you can only envy. It is actually a comb of feathers. The duck has been compared to a lot of people because of it!

The famous bird has been honored to stand on a par with George Washington, Queen Elizabeth, Albert Einstein, and many other famous personalities with memorable hairstyles. The duck became a real star of the Internet not only because of her “hair” but also because of the unusual qualities of her character. However, why did Gertrude become famous, and why did some women become jealous?

Unusual duck

Holly Mead lives in Pennsylvania and has a lot of ducks. And no, she does not breed them for sale or food. She and her family just love having them as pets! All of them are insanely cute, but one of them is especially eye-catching. Gertrude is Holly’s favorite duck, she can talk about her for hours!

“Gertrude is a Peking duck with a feather comb, she is three and a half years old. When she hatched, she had an unusually large comb from which her fabulous “hair” grew.

A duck named Gertrude and what she became famous for

Now Gertrude’s photographs can be found in many magazines, on the covers of British tabloids, and in various advertisements. It all started with one snapshot that went viral. The duck lives in the house with the owners. In order not to cause trouble for her family, Gertrude wears diapers.

An unusual duck has an unusual talent. She knows how to comfort and calm anyone like no one, even an animal, even a person. Gertrude often visits nursing homes and animal shelters for this purpose. She emotionally supports those who need it most.

Holly says: Gertrude had a brother named Golda. Unfortunately, he was killed by a raccoon when they were both just a year old. However, we still have 20 ducks, 12 geese, and 25 chickens. So she’s not alone!

©Instagram/@mypetduck – Gertrude

Gertrude is a unique duck. Not only because of her fabulous “hairstyle”, but also because of the peculiarities of her personality. She is very friendly and very calm most of the time. But despite this, when she needs attention, she screams the loudest. Gertrude responds to her name and always comes when her name is called. Her favorite person is Poppy, Holly Mead’s 81-year-old father.

Ducks are interesting pets

Holly says ducks are great pets! They are incredibly interesting to watch. They are very loyal to their family. By this, they make an indelible impression on people. Of course, ducks require a lot of maintenance. They are not very clean animals, to put it mildly. Therefore, if you are intimidated by the abundance of housework, do not have these birds.

The famous duck
©Instagram/@mypetduck – The famous duck

Ducks are a commitment. They are great pets. But these are not animals that you can simply throw into the pond when they grow up. If you are considering adopting ducks, do thorough research on your options first. It can become a lifelong hobby.

These combed Peking ducks, commonly known as American Peking ducks, arrived from China in the nineteenth century. They should not be confused with Peking ducks, which is a gastronomic dish. They are just ducks that hatched in Beijing and were brought to America. Usually raised for meat, American Beijing has a large and heavy body. These birds are not particularly good at flying. However, if necessary, they can do this.

Gertrude is the star of Instagram

Some of these Peking people have a crest-like Gertrude’s. But they are still far from her hair. This duck is unique! Her “hair” resembles those perms that were in vogue for women in the 70s and 80s of the last century. This is not to mention the similarities with the famous personalities mentioned above.

The famous duck Gertrude
©Instagram/@mypetduck – The famous duck Gertrude

It is clear that the judgment that she reminds someone of is subjective. Only one thing is indisputable: thousands of people who saw Gertrude on Instagram and other social networks found her insanely interesting and worthy of such attention.

Ducks are quite exotic as a pet, but it happens that people have more unusual pets. After all, being “normal” in the conventional sense is so boring!

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