A pastor vomits money and distributes it to his followers (video)

A Nigerian minister based in Lusaka, Zambia, prophet Andrew Ejimadu, better known as SEER 1, was filmed throwing up miraculous money during a worship service in Limpopo, South Africa.

In a publication on his Facebook account, the man of God revealed how this miracle happened.

“Last Sunday when I was preaching at Limpopo Church, I approached a lady and noticed how desperately she needed money. I told her mama get up and she got up. I asked her the amount she had in your purse and she answered 1 Rand and 50 cents. I asked her to empty her purse, and she did it. Then I handed the bag to some faithful for verification.”

“They reassured themselves that there was not even a penny in the bag. I took the empty bag, prayed and asked God to fill it with money and suddenly, money started to come out of my mouth. The faithful were shocked to see me throwing Rands’ notes into the empty bag. This is not the first time I’ve been throwing money, but the people of Limpopo saw it for the first time.”

“To convince them, I called a banker present at the cult to come and check if what I vomited was real or fake banknotes. The lady confirmed that the notes were real and we distributed them to the faithful. Many people say it’s magic while others think it’s not real. I have not even begun to perform miracles on earth, very soon I will show the world all the signs written in the Bible before the coming of Jesus.”

The video of this pastor sparked several reactions on social networks. While some Internet users find no explanation for this, others say it is just one of the false miracles done by “so-called” men of God to fool Christians.

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