Animal activists scold Kylie Jenner: “You are a terrible person”

Reality star Kylie Jenner (23) was abused last night by a group of animal rights activists who were waiting for her at a store. One of them tried to delay her departure by walking in front of her car. The activists find it incomprehensible that Jenner regularly wears fur. “You are a monster!” They cried.

According to business magazine Forbes, Kylie, the highest-paid celebrity of 2020, went shopping at a fashion brand called Moncler on famed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

On the way out, she was confronted by a small group of activists who spoke to her through megaphones and cursed her. “Animals are skinned alive,” they cried, among other things. And: “Shame on you. You are a terrible person and a monster. You maintain the fur industry.”

Their T-shirts and printed signs bore similar slogans. It seems the activists were already protesting nearby and later got tips about Kylie’s presence, TMZ said.

Kylie, wearing a face mask, barely looked at the activists and was quickly able to get into the car with her driver. Driving away was less comfortable because one of the activists kept walking in front of the vehicle. A man, a bodyguard, according to TMZ, pushed him aside several times.

Jacket and slippers

It’s not the first time Kylie has come under fire for her love of fur. At the beginning of this year, she received a lot of criticism when she showed off her fur slippers on Instagram, just hours after emphasizing how much she was concerned about animal suffering in Australia.

In 2019, a photo of Kylie and her friend Anastasia’ Stassie’ Karanikolaou in coats with probably real fur also shot many followers down the wrong path.

Her half-sister Kim Kardashian said earlier that she had replaced the fur in her favorite coats with faux fur.

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