As Trump continues to fight, campaign headquarters is deserted

It seems that an ever-smaller group of faithful people is waging US President Donald Trump’s fight against the presidential election results. Although his campaign team is still raising money and sending out ads claiming that voter fraud was being committed – something for which there is no evidence – there is no sign of much enthusiasm at the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. The posters have been removed from the walls, the desks emptied, and the call center where people could report fraud has been dismantled.

President Trump has been fuming since the election results began to turn in favor of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, against what he calls “electoral fraud.” However, the lawsuits that he already filed against the result – from which Biden emerged as the winner – came to nothing, and on Friday, his legal battle got a new blow when the Supreme Court also held his boat.

According to the well-known American news site The Daily Beast, Trump’s campaign team would now see the fight as over. The headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, would be all but empty, although it should also be the seat of the president’s legal battle. “It’s a ghost town, with people waiting for the end,” said a source of the publication.

Posters removed

According to The Daily Beast sources, most of Trump and Vice President

Mike Pence’s election posters have been removed from the walls in headquarters, desks emptied, and memorabilia stowed or thrown away.

The large television screens that once hung, there are sold for a little extra cash. The call center where people could report election fraud was already dismantled last month after being inundated with mock calls.

Trump doesn’t seem to mind. Last night, he sent out another tweet claiming widespread election fraud. Although the US electoral college formally awarded the election to Joe Biden yesterday.

Trump’s legal team would still plan to continue the fight until Biden is effectively sworn in, mid-next month. However, more and more Republicans now publicly acknowledge Biden’s victory and indicate that it is time to move on. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, among others, has now congratulated Biden.

Not abnormal

According to a Trump adviser, it is not abnormal for the campaign rooms to be closed because the elections have been over for more than a month.

Jason Miller also said that the campaign is now taking place almost entirely “virtually” due to the corona pandemic and that there is also “a lot happening in the different states”.

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