Boss breaks ankle, dog imitates his walking style to give him heart

A leg in a cast? Dull misery usually, but this dog found the perfect way to cheer up his owner. Bill raises his left paw while walking, imitating Russell Jones’ limping walk in an inimitable way. The heartwarming images have already been viewed millions of times.

The Briton initially thought that there was a medical problem with his four-legged friend. He spent more than 300 euros on examinations at the vet, but they brought nothing to light. Bill romped in the garden as usual. The half greyhound simply wants to support his owner with his copying behavior.

The four-legged friend turns out not to get to his test piece. When Jones’s partner was forced to rest in the chair with a pinched nerve, he lay stretched out next to her the whole time. “If I did go to the kitchen, he followed me,” said Michelle.

“I ended up in a cast after breaking my ankle,” explains Russell. “Fortunately, I found comfort in Bill, he is definitely my soul mate. He’s constantly watching me, and now he’s even mimicking me out of sympathy. The video that I put online is an incredible success. People are fed up with it – especially in these lockdown times.”

Various studies have already shown that dogs can indeed imitate the behavior of their owner. So the most efficient way to get a calm and easy-going four-legged friend is to lead by example yourself.

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