Brazil: Banks “close” for World Cup

Brazilian banks may close during the World Cup.

In Brazil, football is king and remains a real religion.

This is even more true when the country participates in international competitions. And Brazil will be present in Russia at the World Cup.

In order not to miss the matches of the national team, the banks were officially allowed to partially close their doors the days of matches of the Seleçao.

The circular issued by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB) on Wednesday stipulates that the bank branches “will be able to modify the opening hours of the public on the days of matches of the Seleçao during the World Cup”.

Brazilian law normally requires banks to be open to the public for at least five hours.

Most Brazilian banks usually open from 10:00 to 16:00.

This opening time will be reduced to four hours so that employees but also customers can follow the exploits of Brazilian stars.

Brazilian banks are therefore preparing to close certainly earlier in the first phase of the World Cup and even earlier on Wednesday, June 27 for the final group match against Serbia at 15pm local time.

It’s not just the banks that are at the time of the World Cup in a country that has already won five trophies.

Many companies allow their employees to go home to watch matches and some even install screens in the workplace.

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