Things often found in the bag of a young African lady

Shower cap, short eye pencil, gum, broken mirror! Did that sound crazy? They are things you probably found in the handbag of a young African lady.

Women are the most complex living being on earth. That’s what some men when asked about it, would say. Some carefree guys do not understand many acts performed by women, especially when they see these things in their bags.

As a young African lady trying to understand what the four corners of the world seem to look like, these are most fondly things found inside their bags.

Makeup kit

Everyone knows that makeup needs to touch up several times during the day.


Beauty above all. And it starts with well-combed hair, especially when using public transport.


Heels hurt, and they are not suitable for all terrains. Everyone knows that let’s see.

A change of clothes

You never know, an intelligent kid could spill something on them. So prevention is better than cure.

Tampons and others

For obvious reasons of hygiene and health. No need for more details.

Hand gel

It’s always good to have some with you, especially when you eat out.


Smelling good anytime and anywhere is the foundation. After all, beauty without a good smell is just a waste of time.

Power bank

How to take selfies and play candy crush saga if your smartphone battery is empty? Therefore, she needs a power bank to keep the ball rolling.

Creams and lotions

Beauty above all. Every woman wants her skin to be smooth, shining, and gloomy. In any little mess up, she will like to freshen up. Not to be out of the game, creams and lotions have a place in her handbag. That’s all.

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